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Gay ka Doodh ke fayde | 5 Benefits of Cow Milk

Gay ka Doodh ke fayde

Cow milk is the part of our daily life. We use cow milk to fulfill all of our daily milk needs. Here you are going to know about some amazing benefits of cow milk that you may not know.
Cow milk is the best source of calcium and protein for our body as strengthens our bones.
Cow milk also has omega 3 which is really good for our heart health.
Daily use of cow milk also helps to maintain the sugar level and presence of vitamin b In it also makes it helpful for our metabolic system.
Moreover it has anti-oxidants, zinc, vitamin e which strengthens our immunity system.
Cow milk has the most proteins and due to which it is very useful for our mental, physical growth.
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How to Make Coleslaw Recipe

Now we are going to work out on coleslaw recipe. We will learn how to make coleslaw for zinger burger with step by step picture instructions. We would also learn what ingredients are required to make a perfect coleslaw.

What is Coleslaw?

Coleslaw is very creamy and unique flavored that makes your Zinger Burger, chicken roll and snacks more tasty. It is certainly on our favorites list and may just be the best coleslaw. Mostly people think, it is very hard to make, but it is very quick, easy and economical to make at home. The key ingredients of coleslaw are mayonnaise and cabbage.

Here is a quick and easy step by step recipe for coleslaw.

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Band Naak Kholne Ka Hairat Angez Tarika

Today, is telling you how to open stuffy nose easily with a quick simple tip. Stuffy nose is a common problem in winter and many people are seen suffering with it. Though, there are medicines and antibiotics but in that condition, no one wants to go to a medical store. There are still many ways to unclog nose without using medicines. One of those is being presented here in Urdu.

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Benefits of Dried Apricots

Khushk Khubani Ke Fayde

Dried apricots hold a lot of precious benefits in it. Dried apricots has numerous health benefits, here we are going to mention few of them for you.
Dried apricots consist of such 2 elements which help to strengthen the eyesight. It also lowers the chances of cataract disease in eyes.
Use of dried apricots speed up our metabolism it also proves to be helpful to cure constipation.
It is also very beneficial for our heart health as helps to lower the cholesterol level in our body and at the same time maintains the good cholesterol in our body.
Dried apricots also proved to be helpful for the efficiency of iron in body.
The presence of high amount of anti-oxidants also makes them fight against cancer germs in our body.
Dried apricots are also very helpful in weight loss as speed up our metabolic system and it also has very low amount of calories.
These are also full of calcium so it also strengthens our bones.
Dried apricots also help to lower the intensity of fever.
Dried apricots are also helpful to maintain our skin health. It cures many skin problems making it soft and beautiful.
So friends, start using dried apricots to be healthy and young for longer times.

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Fry Lady Fish Recipe

See how to fry lady fish with step by step pictures and instructions in Urdu. As fish season is coming and people are more likely to cook fish dishes in winters, I have prepared a guide for you and presented it here at This recipe will guide you to cook a very delicious fish with a very easy method with simple to understand instructions in Urdu. In just one go through this article, you would learn making of fry fish yourself even if you are new to cooking.

See the recipe and cook a delicious fried fish today. Make it tastier, as if your family eats it, they ask you again for it.

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Oven Main Ye Kabhi Garam Na Krain

Oven main ye kabhi garam na krain

Oven main ye kabhi garam na krain (Do not heat up this food in the microwave) – These days people, especially the young generation has become very dependent on the use of microwave ovens. Reheating has become a way of life. Whether it's for after work, a relaxing Friday night, or you want to change your leftovers into a new meal, we think microwaves are our handy kitchen companions but that’s not always true! Research shows that reheating some foods can make them toxic for your health. Heat can cause the nitrates in these foods along with some containers that turn toxic and release carcinogenic properties – moreover, encouraging harmful bacteria growth!

After a long day of work, cleaning the house or partying, you might not have the strength or patience to cook up a fresh meal. That’s where you decide to have leftovers and always turn to the microwave –but there are some food containers that you should never reheat.

Most people put their foods in plastic containers and then heat them up in a microwave.

Food experts say that this mistake can also cause cancer. In the nutritionist and Cleveland clinic, manager Nutritionist Lindsay Mallon says; if you want to use a microwave to heat up your food, do not heat them up in plastic containers. He said that it’s perfectly okay to microwave your food if the containers have a microwave safe label. If they do not have a label, they should not be put in a plastic dish as heat melts plastic and harmful plastic particles can then get mixed with your food.

He also said that when the plastic is heated, it causes dangerous cancer like diseases. Many experts have advised people to not even heat food in microwave safe plastic containers as plastic overall is very harmful when heated. They suggested that the plastic containers that have become vertical or their color has changed should be immediately thrown out. Experts said that consumers should use glasses or ceramic containers for heating up food in the microwave.

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Couple Loss 180kg Weight

Couple Loss 180kg Weight

Obesity and overweight-related issues are a worldwide concern where each and every overweight person is interested to lose the excess fat that has piled upon the body. Obesity is one of the most prominent and common reasons behind a maximum of the life-threatening diseases. But, losing excess fat and maintaining a healthy and fit body is not a big issue or a tough target which you cannot achieve.

Nowadays, when a number of different types of weight loss medicines and supplements are available in the market, you can also lose excess weight by regular exercise and increased physical activity or tasks.

Body Fitness centres or gymnasiums have been set up throughout the world including in Pakistan that has helped people to lose excess weight and develop a healthy body.

However, recently an American couple has surprised the world by losing more than 180 kgs without any medications or exercises. Leeshy Reed is an American residing in Indiana who weighed more than 215 kg on her wedding in 2015 with Danny Tipid who was also 127 kg at that time. However, a year later it was revealed that the couple could not have kids due to the problems arising out of excess fat and overweight.

It was then when a female friend challenged leeshy Reed to carefully plan and redesign her daily routine for at least 30 days and observe the changes in her life.
Reed shared her story on Instagram about how a turning point came to her life and she stopped eating junk and processed food, alcohol and started exercising. The couple not only joined a gym but also exercised at home for at least 30 minutes every day. And finally, the couple claim to have lost 180 kgs in a single year and shared their story on Instagram which went viral all over the world.

The story of this couple Indiana is really inspiring and motivational to all the obese people as an amazingly healthier transformation of them into a more fit and beautiful looking personalities.

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5 Burning Tongue Remedies

5 burning tongue remedies

5 burning tongue remedies – This is a list of effective ways you can treat your burnt tongue at the comfort of your home. Accidentally burning the tongue while having something hot is a common occurrence. Typically, this occurs when we eat something very hot or drink it, for e.g., hot tea. The moment you burn your tongue, the pain that you get on your tongue is sometimes unbearable and all you want is to know when and how to make it better. It is a common problem that can be quite hard to deal with and most of the time this problem stays for a long time until it finally heals up. It’s better to notice how hot your drink or food is before you take a sip or a bite. The burn may even cause the papillae (natural bumps on your tongue).

An oral burn calls for a fast response if you want to ease the pain. Fortunately, there are several burned tongue remedies that are natural and do not contain side effects as medicine does.

Burned by hot food or drink? Try these tips below to get relief from the burn.

Winter has been increasing as each day passes and we’re all looking for something hot to eat or drink such as soup, coffee, tea or yarn, etc. As the cold increases, the body requirement also increases in regards to nutrition. However, these types of hot foods also carry a risk with them that is burning the tongue. Of course you only experience it when the hot particles reach the tongue in your mouth. However, if that’s the case then such effective remedies can be done to reduce the intensity of pain and speed up the healing process.

Try ice cream:
Things like ice cream and cold creamy curd are helpful in this matter, but they should be avoided in large amounts. Only eat a little so that the coldness can reach the tongue. If consumed too much, it can do more harm to the burn than good.

Mouth wash:
Another common solution is to mix in mouth wash. The effect of using this soluble brings mouth to immediate relief.

Avoid hot, salty and crushed objects
Get a change in nutritional habits for a few days. For a couple of days, stay away from spicy foods, they can increase the feeling of irritation and increase the severity of pain. Salty nutrients have the same effect. Crunchy chips or snacks can injure the burnt area and cause the problem to increase.

Suck on sugar cube:
If hot tea or food has burned the tongue, suck a sugar cube or put sugar on the injured area. Not only will it will help in immediate relief but will also increase the healing process.

Aloe Vera:
Aloe Vera is also helpful in the healing the burned tongue. Take out the Aloe Vera gel or fluid from the plant leaf and apply on your burnt area. Leave it for a while and you will instantly find relief.

If you have a headache, slight swellings, or pain, refer to the doctor for immediate medical aid. It can prevent the wound from worsening.

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Khush Doodh Kay Nuqsanat

Khush Doodh Kay Nuqsanat

Commonly milk is basically in liquid form also comes in dried form for those people to whom liquid milk is not available. Most people prefer dry milk over liquid milk due to its unique taste.
But its tastefulness comes with many unavoidable harms and side effects.
Research shows that it has very high proportion of oxidized cholesterol and sugar which is added to enhance its taste and also to preserve it for a long time.
The presence of such high amount of cholesterol and other preservatives makes it harmful for human health and it mainly becomes cause of heart diseases.
Although it’s the best alternative of dried milk and it has all those vitamins and minerals which are present in common milk.
It has a relatively different taste from liquid milk.
It is costly than common milk.

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Why Does Skin Go Wrinkly in Water

Why does skin go wrinkly in water

Almost every person might have noticed that skin goes wrinkly in water. Often when you keep your hands or feet for a long time in water, wrinkles appear on the skin for example washing clothes, utensils, or after bathing. This is due to the fact that the internal immune system of the body tries to protect the skin from the excessive and continuous water flow on it and as a result the skin shrinks appearing as if it has developed wrinkles.

Remaining in the water for a long time consistently directs the immune system of the body and sends the message that the atmosphere outside is moist and wet and may become slippery. So in order to prevent any slippery action, the skin naturally shrinks and becomes rough most promptly on the fingers of antiseptics is not only a self-defence system of the body but a safety measure that is naturally developed on its own when you can even hold an oily or slippery product with a tight grip.

So it is a good act of self-safety to develop wrinkles on skin when it remains in water for a long time.

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