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Pani Sehatmand Aur Tawana Jism Ke Liye Kitna Zarori

Drinking Water is very neccessary for our Body, according to the latest researches of well known scientists, drink at least 8 glass of water on daily basis that is enough to maintain health and provide protection for different types of diseases. Water is the best medicine and solution of many dangerous diseases, beneficial for Calorie control, provide Muscle fuel, Clearer skin problems, make healthy Kidney functions, boost Brain power etc.

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5 Potato Face Packs for Fairness & Beauty

After getting tired of this and that things for fairness, here are 5 easy face packs using potatoes by Potato is naturally enriched with healthy minerals and vitamins. Combining this vegetable with different things can bring the results you have been desiring for your skin. These face packs would help you remove spots, burns, sun tans, acnes & scars as well as to oiliness from the skin. Potato juice is great for removing dark circles around the eyes. It also helps you obtain a glowing and shimmery skin. The juice also removes sebum and various impurities from skin.

Get recipes for 5 homemade face packs with potato as follows:

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How to Make Chicken Jalfrezi Recipe

How to make chicken jalfrezi recipe? Don't know about? Don't worry, I will going to give you a detailed recipe of chicken jalfrezi in Urdu with step by step instructions with pictures. Chicken jalfrezi is written with different spellings variations such as zalfrezi and jhal frezi. It is a kind of curry dish with fried pieces of chicken with different vegetables and spices. When it is cooked, it becomes like a thick dry curry which can be used with rice or eaten with chapati.

Chicken jalfrezi was introduced in India. According to a survey in 2011, jalfrezi was the most demanded food in UK Indian restaurants. It's thick dry curry distinguishes it with common curry foods. You can make it too at home. See the details below and learn about it.

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Ankhon Ke Bemarion Ko Door Kerny Ke Chand Mufeed Totkay

KFoods is providing a best healthy tips and home remedies for protecting eyes from infections and other diseases, its very common today that every person has facing serious issues about eyes and taking medicines that are harmful for body. Here some of natural treatments are providing that are recommended from experts, try these at home and forward to your friends and family members as well.

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Hyderabadi Kachay Gosht Ki Biryani - Step By Step Recipe

Hyderabadi Kachay Gosht Ki Biryani Step By Step Recipe is a traditional & famous dish of desi food lovers, it is prepared by using simple ingredients and method of cooking is also very simple for every one, KFoods brings hyderabad ki mazedar biyani in very simple process of making at home, served it with raita or chutney and salad. Lets try it at home and enjoy the day with your family members & friends.

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Taro Taza Aur Sehatmand Nazar Anay Ke Liye Chand Zarori Hidayat

Some Essential Advices to Look Fresh and Healthy | In this article, KFoods is providing you some of very quick and easy tips acting on which you would feel quite better and fresher. No matter how busy you are, you must try these tips and then feel the difference!

These healthy tips are not only good for your physical appearance but also useful for your whole life style.

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How to Make Malai Kabab

Today we are going to learn how to make malai kabab recipe. Adding malai (cream) to meat makes it taste better, softer and having more succulence. After making many types of kabab recipes, I got the idea to make malai kebabs this time. I got all the ingredients from market including minced meat, eggs, and bread separately for the recipe. Other things are usual and always found in the kitchen. No need to go to the market especially to buy salt, red chili, green coriander etc.

I have presented the complete guide of making malai kabab with pictures and their associative instructions in Urdu. I have made the guide so easy that anyone can make it without any hurdles. It can be a perfect recipe to make with qurbani meat after Eid ul Adha. Let's start!

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7 Uses of Banana Peel You Never Knew

Banana is a very healthy and sweet fruit. Yes. But today, we wouldn't discuss about it health benefits but about it's peel. I am telling you about 7 wondrous benefits and uses of banana peel that would assist you in your everyday home tasks. Banana is naturally enriched with many vitamins and potassium. These nutrients also exist in it's peel. As we can't eat the peel, we can use it for many different things.

I have explained where and how to use banana skin for your skin beauty, bruises, teeth shining, shoe polishing, mosquito bite relief and for diminishing wrinkles.

So one thing is sure here.

You wouldn't throw banana's peel after knowing all these tricks.

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How to Make Phirni Recipe

See how to make phirni recipe with step by step visual instructions that I have come up here with. Pakistani phirni is usually prepared at Eid ul Fitr, family parties and different festive occasions. It doubles the joys of merriment, success and happiness.

Phirni is a luscious pick from Punjabi sweet recipes. It is a very famous pudding of Pakistan and India. This rice dessert renders a lovable taste; more recipes like this firni dessert are badam kheer and rice kheer.

It is an ideal dessert to serve at weddings and family gatherings. provides you with a very easy method for making firni at home. Just by following simple steps, you can taste the sweetness of this traditional Pakistani food. provides you with a very easy method for making firni at home. Just by following simple steps, you can taste the sweetness of this traditional Pakistani food.

Phirni recipe combines ground rice and milk, flavored with almonds and pistachios and garnished with crushed coconut and silver leaf into a marvel sweet dish. It will be liked by kids, elders, mummy, papa and by everyone. Prepare it today and become beloved of all in your home.

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Keeray Makoron Ke Katne Ka Gharelo Ilaj

Home Remedies for Insect Bites and Stings, there are so many dangerous insects that are very harmful for us, here at KFoods, there are some of useful home remedies that are beneficial for Insect Bites and Stings.

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