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Honey to Burn Fat

See how to use honey for burning body fat in Urdu (pait ki charbi khatam karne ka tarika) and reduce fats.

Honey is a natural food and by using it, as you get many health benefits, it is also a key way to lose weight. Let's explore how to make use of honey if you want to reduce fats in a fast way.

For this purpose, you would have to take honey with lukewarm water before sleeping.

Read detailed method in Urdu below:

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Household Cleaning Tips and Tricks in Urdu

It becomes very troublesome for women to wash clothes and dishes, clean toys, walls, kitchen and bathrooms. Though, there are various tools and products available for cleaning but still sometimes problem is bigger and can't be handled with ordinary products. Then we need some easy and effective tricks to perform household cleaning.

So here are the tips and tricks for cleaning household things in Urdu.

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Nazla Zukam Ka Gharelu Ilaj (Flu Home Treatment)

Looking for Nazla Zukam treatment? Here you would find some easy tips to cure zukam, nazla and similar problems.

Nazla zukam is likely to hit everyone in winters but it doesn't mean that in summer, you are safe with nazla, zukam and cold etc. It is common disease which can go viral as well. It hurts children more and if not cared properly, it can also hurt others in home too. In order to treat nazla zukam khansi problems, people usually have no idea what to actually and how to get rid of it. is telling you a desi ilaj for treatment of nazla zukam at home.

See what it is and cure it easily next time.

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Khushki Ka Ilaj in Urdu

Hair dryness is a universal issue in both genders men and women. It requires long term treatment. Sometimes people get tired of using dozens of products but all in vain. is sharing 3 easy ways to treat hair dryness in Urdu - balon ki khushki ka ilaj which are very easy to act upon using simple products that are available at home.

Now you can easily treat your dry and brittle hair with 3 household things as described in following lines:

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Zeera Advantages for Health in Urdu

Cumin or Zeera seeds contains many advantages to human's health. Zeera is a natural seed used as spice, a food flavor, taste enhancer and as an additive for adding nutrition in foods. There are different types of zeera i.e.
Safaid zeera (white cumin) and kala zeera (black cumin).
The most used type of zeera is white zeera. It is widely used in foods, cooking, medications and various products. You can avail zeera benefits by adding it to yogurt and take it after the meal, eat zeera with bananas, take with water, take boiled cumin in water and so on.

Here are the detailed zeera advantages given in Urdu.

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Pineapple Benefits in Urdu

Pineapple is a tasteful fruit. Pineapple has many benefits but very few people know what it can help for. This sweet and sour fruit is helpful in certain kinds of health problems such as it fulfils water shortage in the body, it reduces constipation, its syrup helps dissolve kidney stones, tranquilizes heart and brain, strengthens teeth and bones and yet there is a long list.

Next time if you see pineapples being sold around, never underestimate this healthy fruit.

Find list of pineapple - ananas benefits in Urdu below as presented by

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Lauki Ki Bhujia Recipe

Lauki ki bhujia recipe is a good option to have in lunch in your casual days.

This simple vegetable has a good taste for you.

You just need to discover it!

Lauki (bottle gourd) is a common, low-cost vegetable, can be cooked in various ways such as lauki kabab recipe, lauki ka halwa, lauki ka raita and so on.

Today, I am sharing one of the best lauki recipes i.e. lauki ki bhujia.

It is easy to cook, rich in taste and if you enjoy it hot with chapati and raita, it will become a remarkable meal.

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7 Symptoms of Ill Health (Bimari ki Alamaat)

Explore 7 symptoms of ill health in Urdu (bimari ki alamaat) and tackle them before it leads to big problem.

Fitness is life. If you are not fit, you wouldn't enjoy the life at all!

How would you tell that you are not healthy?

No idea?

No worries. shares 7 signs to determine problems to health in Urdu. These 7 tips would tell you various problems to your health and what you should do.

Here are the tips to detect unhealthy body.

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Top Handi Recipes of Pakistan

Do you love chicken handi recipes? I do!

A 'handi recipe' refers to a dish which is cooked in a clay-pot (handi in Urdu). Cooking foods in handi yields a taste different with those cooked in ordinary pans.

Handi cooking is mainly associated with meat-related recipes. You would find mutton handi, chicken handi, beef handi recipes, kofta handi and biryani handi and so on. Till date, there have lots of recipes been devised to cook in clay pans. Most famous handi recipes are chicken creamy handi, tikka handi, kofta handi and mutton handi. is sharing top 5 handi recipes in Urdu with step by step visual instructions.

Check out the recipes and prepare your favorite handi to enjoy with your family.

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How to Make Lauki Ka Raita Recipe

Lauki ka raita recipe is a forgotten but in fact a not to forget dish to include with your meals.

If you want some hints of spice, additional taste and aroma with every morsel of the meal, your food needs a dip in delicious homemade lauki raita.

And that's the step by step recipe for today.

See how to make a spicy lauki ka raita in 6 steps in Urdu with ever-easy visual instructions.

Let's prepare loki raita and make foods taste better!

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