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5 Scrumptious Croquettes Recipes

Try the most scrumptious croquettes recipes of all time. shares recipes for 5 delicious croquettes which are:

  • simple croquettes
  • chicken cheese croquettes
  • may potato croquettes
  • coxinha croquettes
  • rice croquettes

Croquettes are not very common to make in everyone's home and so many household women are not aware about making croquettes at home. solves this problem.

So if you even read first about croquettes, no need to worry, follow the step by step recipe of your favourite croquettes and within your first attempt, you would have a very yummy set of croquettes ready to enjoy with your family.
Find the top 5 croquettes recipes below.

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7 Best First Foods for Your Baby

So become mother for the first time? Now you must be looking for the first best foods for your baby. isn't it?

Newly became moms are much worried about foods of their growing babies. As the baby comes to 4 - 6 months age, the biggest concern is what to give them as solid food. The milestone of 6 months is important as before this, baby lives on the breast milk. But after 6 months, parents are looking for list of healthy and nutritional solid foods.

Healthy nutritional foods play a key role in handsome growth of the kids. That is why it is very important to take care about the right food for kids at right time.

Here is a list of first food for 6 months baby.

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5 Exercises for Eye Protection

Like other body parts, eyes also need care and attention. Doing proper care of your eyes can not only protect your eyesight but also improve their beauty.

Here are 5 easy exercises for protection of eyes. Read and make these exercises part of your daily routine.

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How Much Water to Drink Daily to Lose Weight?

People do every possible thing to lose excessive weight. Some limit eating and drink whereas some people totally go on diet. According to health experts, drinking water is also beneficial for losing weight but if this is true, then how much water one should drink?

Here is the answer!

Find out how much water to drink for reducing your weight?

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How to Shine Aluminum Pots

Do you want to know an easy method to shine your aluminum pots?

Good that!

Yeah, there are several methods to make aluminum pots shiny but we are telling two of them here.

Explore how to make your aluminum pots shine in Urdu.

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Brain Health Tips in Urdu

How to keep brain healthy and efficient?

That's today's article.

Brain is like the leader of whole human body but according to a survey conducted by Intenational Federation of Ageing, most people are unaware about how to keep mentally healthy.

So here are some useful tips about keeping brain healthy, fit and efficient. Explore these tips in Urdu.

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How to Make Arbi Ka Salan Recipe

Today, we are going to explain how to prepare arbi ka salan recipe in Urdu in step by step recipe series at Arbi is called taro or taro root in English, having a brownish peel and white from inside.

Cooked arvi vegetable gives a very delicious taste. There are many dishes to make using arbi veggie but women mostly know to cook only a few like: arbi gosht ka salan or khatti arvi.

This arvi salan makes some difference!

Get to reveal its recipe and have a wonderful time while enjoying it.

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Benefits of Garlic in Ear

You might have heard about health benefits of garlic but if you got to know what happens when you put a piece of garlic in ear overnight, you would do it as well. According to health experts, garlic is a natural antibiotic, it helps reduce disease risk in the body and helps reduce swelling.

Read exactly how putting a piece of garlic in ear can help you with.

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Top 10 Advantages of Brown Rice

There are dozens of advantages of brown rice over white rice but here we are sharing the top 10. Brown rice is unrefined rice grain which is obtained just by removing the kernels around the grain. It contains high amount of magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, iron and zinc. It is also a good source of vitamin B1, B2, B6 and vitamin E.

Thinking is brown rice better for you?

Explore the top 10 benefits of brown rice and you would know yourself.

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Clever Uses of Silica Gel Packets

Explore silica gel uses in Urdu and make your everyday life easy.

I am sure you have seen small pillow-shaped bags in medicine bottles about which we find an instruction that do not remove from the bottle.

That pillow-like bag is known as silica bag.

Do you know how to utilize silica gel bags smarter ways? is going to explore clever ways to utilize silica bags. Never throw it in the trash can again.


Read ahead now.

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