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How to Make Chatpati Kaleji Recipe

Our today's step by step article is about chatpati kaleji recipe. Although, the recipe already exists in's general recipe section: (chatpati fry kaleji), however in order to provide our users maximum ease and convenience, we prepared step by step recipe for chatpati kaleji.

Kaleji is a common cooking item in Pakistan. In the days of Eid ul Adha, there is plentiful amount of kaleji in every home. Otherwise people especially bring kaleji to home to cook it and enjoy.

Here is a wonderful step by step recipe for fried spicy kaleji. Follow the steps given and enjoy the meal.

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Home Remedy for Stomach Acidity

Stomach acidity is a very common problem; it makes living troublesome and annoying. Sometimes it becomes so severe to people that if they just drink a glass of water, acidity gets them.

Acidity takes place when acid in the stomach expands to the food pipe which makes us feel inflammation in chest. This usually happens when we eat foods with high amount of spices and fats. There are various other reasons for stomach acidity as well.

Baking Soda comes as savior here!

Following you will find how to get rid of stomach acidity using baking soda.

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Gur Ke Fawaid (Jaggery Benefits in Urdu)

Jaggery is laden with dozens of health benefits, yet many people think of it as just a form of sugar. Explore the hidden health in eating jaggery in Urdu as compiled by

Jaggery or Gur is exclusively healthful for digestion, stomach, blood purification, bloating treatment, hiccups, headaches and migraines. Eating simply a little amount of jaggery after the meal is a prevention measure for many diseases.

Know how rich jaggery is and what are it's noteworthy benefits to humans.

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Keema Ghotala Recipe

Keema ghotala will discover a new door of keema taste to you. This special kheema recipe makes use of eggs, red pepper, turmeric, tomato, onion and some other spices. Before, you had only enjoyed anda ghotala or may be dal ghotala but you can enjoy keema in an exceptional way too. is sharing a very easy step by step recipe for making this special keema. Find the recipe below and enjoy a tasteful meal tonight.

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Arkun Nisa Pain Treatment and Tips in Urdu

Arq un nisa is a type of pain which arises in the lower part of spinal bone. It occurs due to pressed nerves. It is one of the most severe pains that affect humans. People believe that it can be relieved at home with the help of some household remedies. Whereas some people go for the proper treatment of the pain.

There are many things to know. Here are some tips and treatment for Arqunnisa pain in Urdu. Read and know worthy tips about ark un nisa.

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Benefits of Morning Walk on Grass in Urdu

Morning walk is one of the healthiest activities which doctors recommend to their patients. Not only patients, an early morning walk is healthful for everyone.

We have heard often that walking bare feet on grass is very helpful to improve eyeshight.

Yes it definitely is!

But do you know that not only it is helpful for eyesight but also for mental development as well? Fresh oxygen improves the system of your body. Vitamin D, achieved from sunlight strengthen bones and moreover the peaceful environment tranquilizes all your body and brain.

Read more details about the health benefits of walking on the grass in early morning.

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Arthritis and Bones Pain Relief by Dr. Bilquis

Arthritis is a common pain in men and women. There are different methods to treat bones or joints pain diseases but we will discuss some precious suggestions by famous herbalist of Pakistan Dr. Bilquis Shaikh. Her advice are mostly based on natural herbal products which come with least chances of side effects. So next time, in case of an arthritis pain, do not rush after the doctors but explore arthritis pain relief home remedies advised by Dr. Bilquis Shaikh.

Find proper exercises, foods, and more precious tips for knee pain, hand pain and back and legs pain in Urdu.

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Sunstroke Safety Tips and Precautions

Know important sun stroke safety tips in Urdu.

Walking in sharp sunshine with head uncovered, working hard in extremeley hot weather, traveling in sunshine, working in farm etc are the major causes of a heat stroke. Also traveling in bus, truck, wagon, bicycle or motorcycle in intense temperature can cause a severe heat stroke. In summer, working near heat which makes sweat out is also a reason of sun stroke.

Read helpful information about safety from heat stroke. Explore knowledgeable tips about sun stroke and protect yourself from this deadly problem.

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Coxinha Recipe (Brazilian Chicken Croquettes)

Coxinha recipe - Coxinha is a form of chicken croquette from Brazilian cuisine. It is made with chicken breast, chicken broth, all purpose flour, green chilies, coriander, egg, breadcrumbs, soy sauce and few other condiments.

Coxinha is very popular in Brazil. Coxinha pastry and croquettes are eaten not only in Brazil but also in other countries of the world. Pakistanis who have been ever to Brazil or USA might have met a meal with coxinha in it.

Here is the method of making Brazilian coxinha.

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Fascinating Bridal Mehndi Designs 2016

Explore fascinating mehndi designs for brides for year 2016. offers the top 5 bridal henna patterns for upcoming wedding season to groom up the brides with enhanced perfection.

Bridal mehndi is a beautiful tradition in Pakistan and India. Besides wearing red uroosi dress, brides are also styled with exotic designs of mehndi. From simple to highly fashionable, there are lots of styles, a bride is prepared.

As mehndi tradition originated from South East Asia, latest mehndi styles are introduced from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, every year. has presented the top 5 exclusive bridal mehndi patterns. Explore Indian and Pakistani mehandi designs specifically for brides.

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