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Feet Mehndi Designs for Eid 2016

Here comes the new feet mehndi designs for Eid 2016. Choose your favorite feet mehandi and add style to your overall look.

Feet mehndi is an old tradition in Pakistan, India and Arab countries. Whenever there is an occasion, girls apply mehndi not only on hands but also garnish their feet with latest mehandi designs. Applying mehndi on hands and feet is a beautiful activity on Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Adha, family weddings, own wedding and on various other occasions. The most active time for mehndi is chand raat when beauty parlors remain crowded whole night. Also in small towns, girls rush after a mehndi expert in the neighborhood.

Top 5 Foot Mehendi Design 2016 offers top 5 mehandi designs for feet exclusively. Explore amazing designs and beautify your feet on the precious day of Eid.

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Kala Chana Recipe (Black Chickpeas Chaat)

Our today's topic is recipe of kala chana chaat (dry). Kalay chanay or black chickpeas come with wide application in household cooking. It can be served in evening, iftar, post-dinner before going for a walk or in afternoon. Sometimes overnight-soaked black chickpeas are also eaten on empty stomach in the morning.

Let's start the spicy kala chana recipe (dry).

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Shareefa Fruit Benefits in Urdu

Shareefa is a delicious fruit with lots of benefits. is sharing its health benefits in Urdu in detail. Explore all the advantages of sweet custard apple.

It is a fruit of hot atmosphere and eaten in many parts of the world. Sharifa also known as custard apple, sugar apple and sitaphal. It belongs to West Indies from where it traveled to South Mexico, then Central America and later it was introduced in Southern Peru and Brazil.

Outer skin of shareefa is green and hard. When the fruit is ripe, it's skin becomes soft and breaks by pushing slightly. Inner fruit is very tasteful and delicious.

It has many health benefits and so it is used in different kinds of medicines. It can also be used as in certain home remedies to cure various problems.

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Mehndi Recipe for Hair in Urdu (How to Apply Mehndi on Head)

Mehndi is good for hair. It infuses natural color to the hair without any side effect. Applying mehndi creates shine and luster in hairs. It is also believed that mehndi is beneficial for hair growth as well. Unlike commercial hair products, mehndi has not even a single side effect.

Read about mehendi benefits for hair and how to prepare it before applying on your head in Urdu.

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Natural Anti Cancer Plant for Smokers

Smokers worldwide seek the medicines that could protect them from the hazardous effects of smoking cigarettes and from the potential risks of cancer. Now scientists have told them the good news!

According to DailyMail (British Newspaper), scientists have discovered a plant which has the ability of detoxifying the hazardous elements in cigarettes. Plant name is Watercress which is abundantly found around canals and rivers in Pakistan.

Explore more details about this science discovery in Urdu.

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Secret Anti Aging Trick of Japanese Women

Today, you are going to discover Japan secret method for anti aging. Using this method would make you look 10 year younger than your age. The best thing about this secret is its ingredients which are always found in any kitchen.

This household anti-wrinkle remedy has been taken from a secret method of Japanese women. It is very easy to prepare and effective to get the desired results. If you are looking to remove face and skin wrinkles, you must try this secret trick.

The main ingredients of the trick are rice, milk and honey. Explore the complete method in this article in Urdu.

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5 Delicious Recipes from the Arab World

Recipes from Arabic cuisine cover the large area of gulf countries including Saudia Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, Kuwait and Jordan. Whether they are Arabic desserts or Middle Eastern rice dishes, they are famous throughout the gulf. Most popular Arab foods are from the Middle East where Mandi rice, baklava, hummus and falafel kebab attract people from the world. Whether it is sweet, chicken or kahwa drinks, Arabian recipes are the best

Top 5 Arabic Sweet, Snacks and Rice Recipes offer the top 5 premier dishes from the Arab world. These recipes have been presented in steps with pictures so now making any of these 5 is not a problem for you.

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Why Shouldn't You Pop Pimples?

Often times, we do not tolerate the existence of the pimple on our skin. We squeeze and pop the pimples as to get the relief and to get rid of it. However recently, health experts have warned about that. Health experts have described its reason as it puts a very negative impact on the skin.

According to health experts, when we pop a pimple, the filthy content inside spreads around and fill other parts of the skin with germs.

Read on and get complete detail as well as tips to heal pimples naturally.

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Best 5 Herbs for Skin Care

Here are the top 5 herbs good for skin care, treatment and whitening. shares the best skin care herbs that would also take care of your beauty.

Skin care is the most run-after activity women consider for their beauty.

Who doesn't want to have a glowing, beautiful skin? Skin beauty is the implication of a beautiful personality.

And what if this is achieved by using natural herbs distinctly best for the skin.

Whether it is about medicines or beauty, natural products have always been the best. Continuous researches have helped identifying with the herbs that are ideal to use for certain skin conditions such as skin whitening, skin allergies, skin pigmentation and relieving different kinds of general skin problems. is explaining about top 5 skin care remedies that are all natural plus always cost lower than artificial products available in the market.

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How to Make Besan Khandli Recipe

Besan khandli is a unique main course recipe which gives a very delicious handsome meal to enjoy. It uses gram flour as main ingredient along ginger garlic paste, green chillies, white cumin, fenugreek seeds, dried fenugreek, salt and red pepper powder as spice items.

Get a very easy step by step recipe for making besan khandli in Urdu with pictorial instructions.
Let's turn this recipe into a reality!

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