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How to Keep Your Toothbrush Clean?

How to keep your tooth brush germ-free and sanitized? We are going to share some very useful tips that would help you proper ways to keep your brush clean. Keeping it clean will be a major step toward healthy teeth and gums.

Ignoring hygiene of your toothbrush could cause lots of problems and to prevent any kind of oral infection and gums diseases, it is highly recommended by health experts to keep your brush neat and clean. Whether you are at home or in a journey, always take care of the brush, never leave any particles in it, keep its filaments clean.

Read more tips on this in Urdu shared by in the following lines.

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Matar Palak Soup Recipe by Chef Aneela Rizwan

Mutter Palak (peas and spinach) soup is full of green health and nutrition. Both of these green vegetables contain exclusive set of nutritional elements. Only peas contain 8 different kinds of vitamins and 7 kinds of mineral elements. On the other hand, palak is also rich in iron, omega-3 fatty acids, folates and vitamin B6.

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Our favorite Pakistani Chef Aneela Rizwan is sharing the recipe of a delicious palak mutter soup. Prepare this healthy soup and enjoy!

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Fried Food, Yay or Nay!?

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Top 5 Chicken Kababs Recipes

Learn 5 delicious chicken kebabs recipes; prepare the one you like today.

Chicken kabab contains a complete variety in it. In general, there is less trend of making kebabs with chicken. Traditionally, shami and chapli kababs are the common kabab snacks in Pakistan which are made with beef and mutton. But now you can't ignore the tastes of chicken kebabs such as

  • Chicken Shami Kabab: shami kababs made with chicken also taste good!
  • Chicken Rice Kebab: chicken mixed with rice. Spicy and delicious.
  • Chicken Reshmi Kebab: let's make the famous reshmi kabab yourself.
  • Chicken Malai Kebab: malai kababs, a soft taste which is never forgotten.
  • Kafta Kebab: enjoy the flavors from Arabic cuisine.

So in this article, you are going to learn 5 different chicken recipes for making kababs. You would love making these mouthwatering snacks.

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Egg Benefits in Urdu (Spanish Omelette Recipe)

Egg is a must food for breakfast. Whether there are kids or elders, eggs are favorite of all. Those who eat eggs regularly (other than diabetics) remain protected from heart or other extra ordinary diseases. Eggs contain huge amount of cholesterol and saturated fats and for this reason, doctors suggest eating it with care.

Chef Aneela Rizwan is sharing benefits of eating eggs in Urdu along a very special recipe for Spanish omelette.

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Japanese Long Age Secrets

Why do Japanese people live longer?

This is a question comes in the mind of every health-conscious person. Japanese people liver longer than people in all other parts of the world.

But why?

There are some secrets behind it!

The Japanese Longevity Secret! is sharing all the reasons that contribute to longevity and exemplary health of the people of Japan.

Read this post to the bottom and know the healthy habits and things from Japanese lifestyle. And you can adopt these habits too!

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Atta Benefits in Urdu (with Aata Halwa Recipe)

Aata is a definite part of our everyday life. To keep ourselves healthy, energetic and to look alive, we must use healthful flour which is perfect from every aspect and also contains all necessary nutritional elements.

Atta or flour (unsieved) contains carbohydrates, iron, vitamin B, thiamine as well as digestable fiber. Now this is an eye-opening fact for people who eat white flour.

Cooking expert Aneela Rizwan is telling some facts about flour nutrition along a tasteful atta halwa recipe.

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Bakre Ki Chaap Recipe

Bakre ki chaap (mutton chops recipe) is a very delicious main course dish of Pakistan. It is a special food that is cooked post Eid ul Adha when cooking meat is at full boom.

Mutton chops dish is cooked particularly using the ribs of the goat. That part consists of thin meat layer hung between the bones and when it is cooked with Pakistani spices, it has no match in the world. is telling step by step recipe for preparing a delicious bakre ki chanp recipe in Urdu. It's the easiest recipe you would find anywhere. Let's start.

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Shalgam Benefits in Urdu

Turnip is one of the oldest vegetables in the world; it was cultivated even 5000 years ago. It is a very tasty and beneficial-to-health vegetable. It is good for ill people as it takes less time to digest. It is also considered good for diabetics.

Turnip contains vitamin A, B and C and eating it nurtures the human body. It should be cooked on low heat so as to secure it's healthy particles.

Here are detailed health benefits of shalgam in Urdu penned by Chef Aneela Rizwan.

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Chipkali Se Nijaat

How to send lizards out of house? This question often arises when there is plenty of lizards inside the home. Lizards are horrible. Even seeing them puts us in fear and we run away where we see them. More than the horror, in fact, lizards are poisonous as well. Lizard's bite can be so dangerous that it can cause diseases to the human body. is sharing 6 tips about how to keep your house lizard free in Urdu. Read and protect your house with the menace of lizards.

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