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VS Lawn Collection 2016

VS lawns has released collection for summer 2016 which is available now at KFoods Store.

Prepare for the upcoming summer with extreme oriental touch with VS summer lawns. Every March, when spring knocks at the doors of our cities, major textile brands all over Pakistan launch special dresses for women for the coming spring and summer. This time, besides Sitara Sapna and Sifona, VS textiles has also introduced amazingly beautiful designs at very reasonable prices. is presenting some hand-picked designs from VS summer collection 2016. Explore the best picks of printed lawns here and place your order online.

It will be delivered to your doorstep!

Exotic designs, mix of beautiful colors, suitable fabric for the weather, all with a high quality becomes a perfect dress to shop. Each of the print reflect a unique look like a new invention.

Scroll down to view all designs and click image for detailed view.

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Chest and Stomach Acidity Tips (Maide Mein Jalan)

Chest or stomach acidity is something very common. It affects everyone in different parts of life. Sometimes it is due to eating sour and spicy foods but most of the times it is due to other reasons. Stomach in humans is positioned between the belly and chest bone and acidity arises exactly at that place. So there are different reasons of acidity in stomach and chest which are being explained here in this article. also describes how to get rid of the problem. Some dos and don'ts are also described to prevent the problem.

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How Much Sugar to Put in Tea and Coffee

We are using big amount of sugar in tea and coffee. Recently, a research group in United Kingdom has warned that there is extra-ordinary amount of sugar added in coffees that are sold at coffee shops.

The group Action on Sugar analyzed 131 drinks and found that one third of these beverages contain amount of sugar which is equivalent to the amount in famous soft drink cans. The approx. amount of sugar used in these soft drinks is 9 teaspoons which is very high.

Seeing this scenario - the findings of the researches on sugar - we must re-consider the sugar intake in our beverages and also in our daily overall diet.

Here are some suggestions about how much sugar to add to tea or coffee in order to maintain maximum health and fitness.

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Dry Fruits Benefits for Women (Exclusive)

Dry fruits do have out of the ordinary benefits for health. Generally, dry fruits are healthful for every old, child, youth and girls but today, we are telling some exclusive benefits particularly for women. Very few of us know that how beneficial some dry fruits are especially for women.

Always in the arrival of winters, women serve various dry fruits on dining tables before family members and guests. is describing particular dry fruits with their exclusive benefits to women's health.

Following fruits are discussed in this article along their advantages in Urdu:

  • Almonds - Badam
  • Walnuts - Akhrot
  • Pine Nuts - Chilgoza
  • Cashew Nuts - Kaju
  • Pistachio - Pista
  • Peanuts - Mong Phali

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Common Mistakes and Tips for Baking Cookies

Looking for tips for making cookies? Fine. KFoods is telling you about common mistakes, tips and best practices while baking cookies at home.

We are fond of baking cookies and often we make them at home. But usually they are not perfect. Either they are high in sugar or extra soft and there are lots of other problems that come forth when we take them out from the oven. There are several tips explained by expert cookie chefs that we are reproducing here for readers of

Mostly the problem while baking cookies come due to our own carelessness. Baking cookies in haste or excess or shortcoming of any of the ingredients can spoil shape or taste of cookies. This will not only lead to wastage of time but it will also waste your money.

So here are the basic mistakes people make while making cookies and how to avoid them. Follow these tips and best practices and prepare cookies that are ideal in taste.

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Cucumber Benefits for Skin in Urdu

Generally, cucumber is ideal for overall health but it is exclusively beneficial for skin. Cucumber can help in 7 different skin problems which are discussed in detail in this article. Cucumber is naturally rich with vitamin K, vitamin C and vitamin B1. It also contains sulphur, magnesium, potassium, manganese and silicon. Cucumber contains 69% of water which effectively maintains the hydration in our skin. It also contains minerals which are helpful to have healthy nails.

Some positive impacts cucumber puts to our skin are making skin shiny & smooth, lightens skin, eliminates acne, removes dark circles around eyes, open skin pores and for dull and dry skin.

Know what does cucumber do for you and how it is helpful for skin.

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Honey Bee Sting Treatment in Urdu

Know an easy and effective method for treatment of honey bee sting.

We have read stories about honey bees as when a bee hive of bees is broken out, bees fly everywhere around and bite with their sting. We also watched this in movies but what to do in real if you are bitten by a honey-bee? here is telling you an effective home remedy and how to get rid of bee sting pain and swelling after the bite. This home treatment would provide you with relief from pain as well as help heal the bitten place fast. And for your knowledge, it is very important to remove the bee stingers, in fact the first priority.

Here is the remedy in Urdu. Read and remember the procedure as caution.

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Teething in Infants: Signs and Tips in Urdu

If you like your baby could grow with proper teeth, you must read the tips presented here. Often parents do not care about their teething infants and later when they are grown up, there teeth are not in proper shape. This directly impacts on their personality. If you like them to have a confident smile with perfect teeth, start caring for your teething baby from today.

In this article, we have discussed many things that are usually ignored by the parents. We will discuss:

  • How to identify signs of teething in infants
  • Home Remedies to calm teething in babies
  • How to care proper teeth growth in your baby
  • and other tips for teething in baby

All these tips are described in Urdu for maximum number of Pakistani people to understand. So read these useful things and pay attention to your baby when he starts growing milk teeth.

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How to Relieve Leg Pain - 11 Useful Tips is sharing 11 ways to relieve pain in leg. If you often face it, these tips are actually for you!

Sometimes pain in left leg, sometimes right, sometimes upper and sometimes in the bottom legs. This pain is sudden and random. Veins turn blue and tight appearing on the skin surface. Whereas when legs are fit and fine, the natural valve inside them lets blood from one side but not lets it return. However when veins are tightened or valve becomes weaker, blood starts returning and therefore they are swollen and appear on the skin.

Doing exercise, walking, running and keep moving are though the best workouts to prevent legs pain but here is more for you.

Know 11 useful tips on how to relieve legs pain with foods, exercises and precautions.

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How to Make Eyes Beautiful Naturally

Eyes are already beautiful. But what if you want to make your eyes even more beautiful? would answer this question by telling you some household beauty tips for eyes. The remedies discussed here would help you maintain the elegance and grace of your eyes. Considering these tips would also improve attraction and magnificence in eyes even without touching your makeup kit.

Eyes are naturally exquisite. A newborn has the most beautiful eyes in the world as he is just arrived to this world. Later as one grows, his eyes start getting dust, dark circles (either due to sleep deprivation or by vitamin C deficiency), weakness, sleepiness and more. Now that original beauty is to be maintained.

So here comes up with tips that would figure out how to make eyes beautiful naturally without makeup. Remedies described here use household things and activities.

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