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Amazing Health Smoothie for Joints Pain

Today we would learn to make a powerful smoothie for joint pain using beetroot, pineapple, cucumber and lemon. Most of the people, as get older, start having pain in different body parts. Going to consult a doctor should be the foremost action one can do however as an auxiliary treatment you can consider making smoothies to reduce the pain. I am telling you about a very effective juice recipe for arthritis problem.

Getting pain in joints is not surprising. Not only aged people but younger ones are also found affected of having joint pain. With beetroot and pineapple, you can relieve the pain.

See how to make it below:

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6 Powerful Winter Allergy Tips in Urdu

Other than flu, cough and runny nose, allergies are also very common in the winter seasons. Find here 6 amazing winter allergy tips which will keep you safe and sound from allergy symptoms in the winter season.

Whether it is summer or winter, autumn or spring, allergy can affect you in any season. Allergy is not merely a name of itching but a disease, a very common diseases which affects the whole body gradually. There is though, no any particular season of allergy however in winters, it is more likely to come.

Here are the 6 powerful allergy tips in Urdu.

By Aqib Shehzad In Health and Fitness 1 Comments 23017 Views Sun 27 Nov, 2016

How to Get Rid of Ants in House - 5 Home Remedies

Discover 5 simple ways to eliminate ants in your house with basic household items. Ants usually infiltrate houses in rainy season. Their presence in bedroom or kitchen is always annoying and agonizing. is telling here some 5 really effective home remedies for to get rid of ants naturally with products such as cucumber peel, cinnamon and peppermint. Whether the annoying ants are small, carpenter or pavement ants, these remedies would help you to wipe their presence out of your home.

Handling ants and insects problem becomes a frustrating chore. Most of the anti-ants products are made with chemicals that are also hazardous for humans and for the atmosphere. Kill ants with these simple tips given here and live happy life.

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How to Make Homemade Ginger Tea

Today, we are going to learn how to make homemade ginger tea with simple household ingredients and spices. Ginger tea is a non-milk tea with lots of health benefits. There are undeniable facts about its advantages for humans. Ginger tea is drunk in different parts of the world, however the way of making is slightly different.

We are preparing a simple tea with ginger, lemon juice and honey.

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Chicken Yakhni Soup Recipe in Urdu & English

Today, we will work on a wonderful chicken yakhni soup recipe brought to us by We will prepare basic chicken stock which is very simple to make yet tastes great. You will not find this stock soup anywhere in market; this homemade recipe would hold you at home and keep enjoying its taste especially in winter.

Whenever winters are around the corner, my appetite for soups tends to grow. That's why I decided to prepare chicken yakhni (stock) soup recipe today and to tell you girls about this too. This soup is very special and not everyone knows how to make it. Most of us keep preparing common chicken soups with similar taste every time. The chicken yakhni soup I am going to teach you through this step by step guide is totally different. It is easy to prepare and gives a superb taste that is not yet tasted by many.

Here is Urdu recipe for yakhni soup.

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How to Make Prawn Tempura

See how to make prawn tempura recipe by chef Naushaba Ahmed with step by step pictorial guide by Chef Naushaba is one of the most experienced cooking experts of Pakistan and here she is telling a wonderful method for preparing delicious prawn tempura.

First, in the recipe, we will marinate prawns with marination spices. In second stage, we will prepare crispy batter for prawns. Before frying the prawns we will be dipping each prawn into batter.

This is a very easy recipe for prawn tempura offered in Urdu and English for help of people from all regions in the world.

Here is how to make prawn tempura.

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7 Ultimate Benefits of Proteins for Body (Proteins Ke 7 Faide)

Like other nutrients, proteins are also very helpful to the human body. Today's post will discuss 7 ultimate benefits of protein for body's health. It helps different organs to function better and grow a healthy way.

According to a new research, it was revealed that proteins play a crucial role in our body's health. Proteins are essential for proper development of skin, blood, muscles and bone cells. Women with low protein in body become vulnerable for osteoporosis up to 30%. Having proteins for a healthy body means much more for humans. It not only helps maintain overall health but particularly helps in 7 different ways.

Read 7 ultimate benefits of eating protein-rich foods (in Urdu) in this article.

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How to Make Finger Fish

See how to make finger fish recipe at home with step by step visual recipe by Chef Naushaba Ahmed.

Finger fish is one of the most popular fish recipes in Asia. Famous as 'Lahori Fish', it is passionately eaten all over Pakistan and India. Since it is thornless, foodies are more attracted towards it. is sharing a nice Pakistani recipe for finger fish with a very tasteful masala. Recipe is also presented in English for non-Urdu readers.

Let's prepare this tasty fish today.

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Fish Biryani Recipe in Urdu

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Wonder Juice for Arthritis Pain (Joron Ke Dard Ke Liye)

Here is the recipe of an amazing juice for arthritis pain. It uses all natural ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, carrots, cucumber and pineapple. This smoothie is very helpful in reducing joints pain as well.

Arthritis pain is very common in people. As people age up, they are likely to get affected by arthritis. You should check up with your doctor normally, however this quick easy remedy will also be effective for you.

Below is the complete recipe for ginger and turmeric juice for joint pains.

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How to Make Chinese Omelette (Egg Foo Young Recipe)

Our senior chef Noushaba Ahmed is telling us how to make Chinese omelette easily in just 7 steps. Chinese omelet is also known as Egg Foo Young; it is the traditional Chinese omelette eaten widely in China and other countries.

Main ingredients of Chinese omelette are 3 eggs, chicken, Chinese salt and spring onion. Usually we use one egg in omelet recipe however Egg Foo Young is prepared using 3 eggs along chicken and due spices.

So here is the recipe for chinese omelette. View, make and enjoy.

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