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How to Make Javed Nihari Recipe

Today, I am going to tell you the best Javed Nihari Recipe of Karachi. If you live in Karachi, you might have visited Javed Nihari Restaurant in Karachi but many times it is not convenient to go and visit the restaurant. Find here a step by step guide for best nihari recipe of Karachi and enjoy wherever and whenever you like. With clear pictures and Urdu instructions, it has become very easy for anyone to cook it yourself.

If you make it, do not forget to share your feedback about the recipe. You can tell us in comment section below.

Let's go to the recipe.

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Chicken Reshmi Kabab Step by Step Recipe

Well folks, are you looking for a chicken reshmi kabab recipe?
So, today I will present how to make perfect reshmi kababs at home in Urdu with a surprisingly easy method.

I am offering complete step by step method for preparing reshmi kababs with chicken and you can also use this procedure to make beef reshmi kabab. You just have to replace chicken with beef.

If you got boneless chicken some day and free to make a dish of your choice, you must go for this. It is easy to make and addition of butter and spices makes it taste even better than any other chicken recipes.

Try more kabab recipes in Urdu and delicious Pakistani chicken recipes at

Reshmi kababs have more juicy succulence.

Eat it either with spoons as a snack in the evening or have it with chapati and paratha in the dinner. Either ways, it will be igniting your taste buds for more.

Find a perfect recipe for chicken reshmi kabab and enjoy it with imli chatni, tomato ketchup or whichever sauce you like.

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4 Karishmati Jari Bootian Qudrat Ki Taraf Se Tohfa

Natural herbs have been used for treatment for centuries throughout the world. In fact, in early days, nature herbs and plants were the only means to treat different diseases. People that time already discovered miraculous herbs that can be used to reduce pains, to treat fever, to relieve bee bites, to beautify skin and face and so on. is presenting this article describing the health benefits of 4 herbs and plants and how they can be used for your health and beauty.

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Paper Wrapped Chicken Recipe

Today, we are going to make a unique dish named: recipe of paper wrapped chicken. In the dish, chicken is first mixed with spices, then wrapped in a paper and then deep fried in a wok pan. Wrapping chicken in paper keeps it cohesive which not only makes it easier to eat but also provides a unique flavor of chicken to enjoy.

In general, we cook chicken in the form of curry, roasted, barbecue or tikka but paper chicken recipe is wholly unique in terms of taste and appearance.

So get ready, tear the paper and indulge yourself into spicy chicken bites.

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Fish Fillet with Tartar Sauce

Today, we are going to figure out how to make fish fillet with tartar sauce recipe with an amazingly simple step by step recipe. Cooking a fish fillet other than ordinary way is the idea behind this article. I have always enjoyed cooking fish recipes and so I am always looking for newer ways for this. I had heard about serving fillets with tartar sauce and now in this season, I decided to make it. So you can also benefit from my cooking as I am offering you a complete pictorial guide for the recipe. I have added relevant instructions with each picture.

Here is homemade fish fillet recipe with tartar sauce and have an entire new fun with tastes of seafood recipes.

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Hari Mirch Istamal Karne Ke 12 Faide Jo Koi Nahi Janta

Green chili is actually more than a spice. Today, we will tell you some amazing green chili benefits in Urdu that you were never aware of. People eat it for taste, for spice. It's used in cooking mostly but very few of us, may be no one knew about health advantages of green chilies. You know it is a superb source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, copper, iron and potassium. I am putting down its advantages in more detail below.

Read 12 glorious health benefits of green chilies.

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Best Biryani in Karachi - Top 7 Places to Go

Today, we are going to explore top 7 Karachi biryani restaurants with best tastes and environments. If you live in Karachi and you did not happen to eat any of these biryanis, you ate nothing. Taste of Karachi biryanis is not just limited to Karachi but it is popular till beyond the border of Pakistan. Lahore, Hyderabad, KPK and even if you go to Dubai, you cannot find the matching taste. People outside Karachi miss the delish they once found in Karachi while enjoy some sort of chicken biryani.

As biryaani is a favorite dish of Karachiites, the most restaurants you would find in the metropolitan feature various varieties of chicken biryanis like Sindhi biryani, white biryani, prawn, mutton and beef biryanis. The oldest and the most famous restaurant is Student biryani Karachi. We are telling you more about Student Biryani plus the top 7 biryani places in Karachi where you must visit for enjoying the delicious tastes of biryani recipes of Karachi.

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5 Ways to Get Face Wrinkles and How to Prevent Them presents the top 5 ways to prevent wrinkles on face. In this article, you are going to know what causes wrinkles on face as well as how to stop them at home. Aging is a natural process; it comes with wrinkles on skin, weakness, energy deficiency as well as lots of other issues. Some people start getting effects of aging in the young age. This is causes by bad habits and unhealthy practices in one's daily routine. If you care yourself, your skin and your overall health, you are going to live a healthy beautiful life for longer. On the other hand, if you do not care about yourself, effects of aging are coming to catch you before time.

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8 Superb Advantages of Curry Leaf

Curry leaves health benefits are known globally. Though, in Pakistan and India, it is used more as a cooking spice than as a healthy herb. However with the time, as the awareness is growing, it's usage for health purposes is being increased. In Europe and America, curry leaves uses are well known by people and therefore it reflects with a large scale use of the herb. Girls can use curry leaf for hair, diabetes patients can make use of curry leaves to control their sugar level, common men and women can also use it to prevent different diseases like nose and chest problems.

It comes with lots of gains for humans from which we are going to discuss about 8 of them. Read about the health benefits of curry leaves below.

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6 Foods to Prevent Hair Loss

Explore 6 simple foods to prevent hair loss and to achieve lush black hairs again.
Are you viewing more hair in your comb than usual?
You are not alone to see this. Actually there are millions of people to face hair loss with growing age.
There could be any reason for hair loss. It may be diabetics, lack of vitamins, depression, short of sleep or may be something else but anyhow it happens.
No one likes to see losing his hair but do you know you can regain your lost hair by simply adjusting your food habits.
Here are 6 foods that would help you prevent hair loss (in Urdu) and help you get shiny and healthier hair again.

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