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Yakhni Pulao Recipe
Shireen Anwar    Posted By: fahmeeda,
Yakhni Pulao
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Yakhni Pulao is a punjabi Main Course. It’s a really very healthy and full of energy recipe. So try this easy & healthy homemade yakhni pulao recipe at home and enjoy the real taste of it.
To Prep
To Cook
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Ingredients :

Mutton 1 kg
Water 16 cups
• Green chilies 6
Garlic Cloves 13
• 1/2 KG Basmati RIce
• Onion 1 large slIced
• White cumin 1 tsp
• Black cumin 1/2 tsp
• Small green Cardamoms 5
• Big Cardamoms 3
Cinnamon sticks 3 pieces
Star anise (baadyan ka phol) 1
• Whole black pepper 11
Cloves 5
• Yogurt whisked 1 cup
Oil/ Ghee 3/4 cups
Salt to taste
Yakhni Pulao Method / Tarika:

1. Soak rice in water for half an hour. Than Cook mutton with garlic cloves, green chilies, little bit salt and water till tender and so much so that it left with 2-3 cups of stock in it.
2. Heat up oil in a pan and fry onion till light golden brown
3. Add white cumin, black cumin, cinnamon sticks, star anise, small cardamoms, big cardamoms, cloves and black pepper whole and add meat in the pan, without stock. Fry for 3-4 minutes and add yogurt, cook for 4-5 minutes.
4. Measure 7-1/2 cups of stock with water and pour in the pan.
5. Add soaked rice too, without its water. Cook for 5 minutes on a high flame and on a low flame for 10 minutes than turn off the stove and let it be placed on the stove for 5-6 minutes for DAM. Now its ready to Serve with garnishing.
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 Reviews & Comments (26)
Have you tried this recipe? Share your thoughts with us below.
Kashmala Najeeb - Lahore Nov 17, 2014
So, finally i get my recipe here at KFoods, wish you all the best for this simple but meaningful efforts. Special thanks to tips and totkays that are very helpful for the initial treatments and other are restaurant deals that's one of best section.
Shumaila Nizam - Karachi Nov 14, 2014
Yakhni is very beneficial recipe for young generations, specially in winter it has the ability to give necessary nutrition to the body, very thank ful to you for sharing such a great and easy recipe and remind me as well to make it, so i will cook tomorrow and invite my special guests to have enjoy it with other items
raheela - karachi Dec 26, 2013
This yakhni pulao meat based dish is great as main dish to serve in weekend specially during winter season.
hamna - karachi Dec 20, 2013
this is too good for getting specially for kids yakhni pulao is best.
humma - islamabad Dec 17, 2013
i like this dish specially with raita its too yumy.
humma - lahore Dec 16, 2013
its yummy. its very healthy and good for the winter season full source of nutrition.
humma - islamabad Dec 13, 2013
hmm this is not only delicious in taste but also good to keep you healthy i and my whole family have tried this recipe.
nighat - karachi Nov 29, 2013
The origins of Yakhni Pulao lie apparently in Persia and it was introduced by indians. Yakhni Pulao is a combination of tender meat pieces and rice flavored with meat stock. i really like its flavor and aroma.
raheela - karachi Nov 28, 2013
few weeks before my child was week then i have tried this yakhni pulao recipe and serve to my kid every day now he is very good and active.
hassan - lahore Nov 27, 2013
yakhni pulao recipe is one of the top ten rice recipe its best and most recomended rice recipe by Drs.
tania - lahore Nov 26, 2013
i like yakhni pulao recipe this very much good source for getting energy. i really like this recipe because it is also very easy to prepare.
adilmalick - karachi Nov 22, 2013
if you wanted to eat best rice recipe in winter then must try this yakhni pulao recipe it is the best for energy.
najma - karachi Oct 04, 2013
i dont like yakhni pulao recipe before using this recipe but when i tried this recipe i realized that this is very good in taste.
naila - lahore Sep 26, 2013
This tasty rice dish is a classic at North Indian meals. its also very good for the heath as well.
anila - karachi Sep 12, 2013
thanks you aunti your recipe is too good but unfortunately i dont like this recipe. its taste feels me patients. so kindly make some tasteful spicy dishes.
nabeela - Lahore Sep 09, 2013
yakhni pulao is too good for health. i think it is the best pulao for getting energy. My bhabi makes too good yakhni pulao may God give her a very happy long life.
hina - lahore Aug 17, 2013
Yakhni Pulao Recipe is one of the most favorite of my father and just because of him now it is also one of my favorite thanks shireen aunti to this lovely recipe.
farheen - karachi Jul 09, 2013
This is a super tasty dish that is a gift from the Mughals to the world cuisine. Yakhni Pulao with green raita increase its taste.
shaista - karachi Jun 25, 2013
Yakhni Pulao is a punjabi Main Course. its a really very healthy and full of energy recipe i love it to eat.
anita - Lahore Jun 24, 2013
yakhni pulao is amongst the top ten rice dishes of mine, obviously the first being a hyderabadi veg biryani. my mom always makes awesome yakhni pulao,

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