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Chinese Rice Recipe in Urdu

   Posted By:Sadaf Maahir, Karachi
Chinese Rice
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Chinese rice, the famous rice cuisine from China is now the favorite dish all over the world. Chinese rice recipe is one of the favorite Pakistani and Indian dishes and people not only frequently visit Chinese restaurants but also dedicate the day in cooking the favorite rice.
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Chinese Rice Recipe in Urdu
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Chinese rice employ a different set of ingredients in cooking and also give a different taste from rice recipes. Chinese cuisines have had a special focus on rice and noodles recipes. So we see Chinese rice recipe, Chinese shashlik rice recipe, Chinese fried rice, sticky Chinese rice and Chinese boiled rice recipes and so on. Rice eating is an old tradition of China. Chinese recipes mostly make use of vegetables in the recipes. You would see most of their rice dishes feature the use of vegetables rather than using meat, however some dishes do make use of chicken as well. Another interesting fact is that mostly in China, rice are eaten with sticks instead of spoons. Special kind of wooden sticks are manufactured for this purpose.

When it comes to seek beyond the border recipes, for cooking rice, people see towards Asia. Recipes from Pakistani, Chinese and Indian cuisines are famous all over the world, in which Chinese rice are at the top. People from Americas, Australia and Europe are quite eager to follow Chinese way of cooking. People seek how to cook Chinese rice all over the world. If a Chinese guy is seen around in other countries, natives of the place accost him asking: "Hey, tell me how to cook Chinese rice!"

This Chinese rice dish gives a unique taste which other recipes may not do. is offering this recipe in Urdu Language, making it easier to read and understand the recipe to the people in Pakistan and India and for those living outside Pakistan who read and understand Urdu. The recipe is explained with easy Urdu instructions. First read the ingredients, collect them and then follow each step and at last, smelling and eating it, you would have a brand new delight.

Chinese Rice Recipe in Roman Urdu / Hindi
Ingredients :

Chawal 1kg
Chicken 1 pao bagair haddi, chhoti botiyan
Shimla Mirch 2 adaad slIce katay hoye
Gajar 1 adad bareek kati hoi
Mutter addha pyala
Aalo 1 adad darmiyana
Band Gobhi chhoti 1 adad
Adrak Lehsan ka Paste 1 khanay ka chamcha
Soya Sauce 1 khanay ka chamcha
Chili Sauce 1 khanay ka chamcha
Oil adha cup
Namak hasb e zaroorat
Kaali Mirch hasb e zaroorat
Method :

Daigchi main oil garam karain aur adrak lehsan ka paste daal kar bhonain.
Phr is main chicken shaamil kar k paani khushk honay tak bhonain.
Ab is main tamam sabziyaan shamil karain aur tamam ajza bhi shamil kar dain.
Sabziyaan halki gal ja’ain to is main chawal shamil kar k dam par rakh dain.
 Chinese Rice

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 Reviews & Comments (48)
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Zuriya - Lahore Apr 23, 2015
I like it ! special thanks for given it in English & Urdu both languages because something isn't understandable.... i will make it at home for all of my family members.. great sharing of totkas and its very appreciable that you shared tested and authenticated tips.. Very Good work
Kawal - Karachi Apr 22, 2015
is it good for the cholesterol patient?? because i heard that rice isn't good for the fat persons, any way its good to make easily at home and i will make it for my family including kids. KFoods many thanks for you about this proper method including best tips here
Kulsoom - Karachi Apr 21, 2015
I love Chinese foods and rice is my favorite... i made it by following your method because your method is very easy to understand and you also using a simple ingredients in it, i will make it again and give invitation to my friends.
Mujeeba - Karachi Apr 20, 2015
What is the best quality of rice is best for the Chinese rice recipe?? your method of cooking rice is perfect as i compared to the other pages on the web.... i am waiting for your satisfied answer here.... other sections are also going very good,
Saba Kamar - Karachi Apr 16, 2015
I lived in china for about 5, 6 years and now i live in Pakistan... your method for making rice is almost similar as i taste in China... when i follow your steps and cook it.. i felt that i am still in China... Thanks KFoods for the recipe and tips about health

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