sabut masoor ki dal

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masur ki daal
masur ki daal
Dam Ki Boti
Dam Ki Boti

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aloo or hari piyaz ki sabzi
Hamida - Karachi Feb 16, 2017
I want quick and short recipes like aloo or hari piyaz ki sabzi. I wake up in the morning at 6 pm, make breakfast for my kids. Then make breakfast for husband and then lunch for him. That's why i follow quick to make vegetable recipes
Akhrot Ki Chutney
Minahil - Sialkot Feb 16, 2017
Now i saw the Akhrot Ki Chutney after so many days and remembered the time when i used to cook it and we all family enjoyed it together. My younger brothers and sister, my mother and father, all asked me to prepare more iftar items and I asked for some gift and then I agreed to make something for them.
Gur Imli aur Aloo Bukharay ki Chatni
Azza - Lahore Feb 15, 2017
My favorite foods are chutney recipes and i was very happy when i made Gur Imli aur Aloo Bukharay ki Chatni because it was really scrumptious. My mum told me to prepare for cooking because I am going to marry soon and I follow chef recipes always.


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