pathani paratha

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Lachha Paratha
Abiha - Hyderabad Mar 28, 2017
this is my favorite paratha and at some restaurants, they make so soft and delicious paratha that we like to eat it again and again. Now we can make paratha by this recipe and I would be glad to have this delicious food at home. I will try it in the morning for breakfast.
Chicken Paratha Roll
Sameena - Islamabad Mar 27, 2017
paratha roll is a perfect way to enjoy your breakfast , lunch or dinner. As we eat paratha daily in the morning and if we turn it into roll with some boti or kababs, it would become a delicious thing to enjoy the breakfasts.
Lachha Paratha
sulaman - jalapur Mar 26, 2017
I love trying new dishes in the breakfast for my kids as they like change in the breakfast always. Thanks for giving me one more option for them


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