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Chicken Masala Biryani
ehtsham - haniwal Mar 26, 2017
The way you have used spices in it really amazing. I really liked it very much. Kindly share some more recipes that can so differently be made by using chicken
Mutton Biryani by Shireen Anwar
aleesha - france Mar 26, 2017
You have solved my problem for making mutton biryani. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe it gave me the solution to make biryani from mutton
Shahi Qorma By Shireen Anwar
Amira Ammar - Rawalpindi Mar 22, 2017
Shahi korma is very tasty korma recipe, I will send it's recipe to my maid , she also cooks foods for all family. Before this, she has been making korma her own way and now I am sending this recipe to her for preparing it this way . and since it is shireen apa's recipe, it will be the best in taste.


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