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Kfoods is providing a best cooking shows with the latest episodes of your favorite chefs including Shireen Anwar, Zubaida Tariq, Chef Zakir, Chef Sara Riaz, Chef Samina Jalil, Chef Ayesha Abrar, Chef Asad, Chef Amina, Chef Gulzar, Chef Shai, Zarnak Sidhwa, Maida Rahat, Chef Rahat and many more. There are so many cooking shows that is presented by Masala TV, ARY Zauq, Zaiqa TV and other popular chefs such as Masala Mornings, Handi, Dawat, Zauq Zindagi, Hasb-E-Zauq, Daal Sabzi, Live Kitchen, Quick Recipes, Healthy Cooking, Lazzat with Asad, Tarka Cooking, Food Diaries, Live At 9, Dalda Ka Dasterkhawan, Fast Food Factory, Mirch Masala and many more.
Latest Cooking Videos
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Masala TV View All
Hosted by: Shireen Anwar
Masala Mornings
Hosted by: Chef Gulzar
Live At 9
Hosted by: Zubaida Tariq
ARY Zauq View All
Hosted by: Saadat Siddiqui
Mood For Food
Hosted by: Chef Samina Jalil
Hosted by: Chef Arif Dawood
Daal Sabzi
Zaiqa TV View All
Hosted by: Aamir Iqbal
Hosted by: Chef Samia Jamil
Quick Recipes
Hosted by: Chef Ayesha Abrar
Live Kitchen
Popular Chefs View All
Hosted by: Chef Faiza Zarif
Cook With Faiza
Hosted by: Chef Amina
Healthy Cooking
Hosted by: Chef Asad
Lazzat with Asad
 TV Reviews & Discussions
- on Zaiqa Tv Jul 24, 2014
Zaiqa Tv Live k Chef Jalal s Zinger Burger ki farmaish krni thi Zaiqa Tv Live k young Chefs Buhat achi recipes bnate hain Eid k Lia Zaiqa Tv K CHEF KO Caka bnane chahye
Mr.s Javed - Lahore on MasalaTV Jul 24, 2014
Masala Tv Buhat Acha Cooking Channel ha Mujhe Kfoods pr Masala Chanel ki recipes mil jati hain Ramadan m Masala Live DAIKHNE KA TIME NAHI MILTA mujhe Shireen aapa ki Haleem recipe chahye ha
ASMA - Lahore on Health TV Jul 24, 2014
Health Tv LIVE PR Ramadan Eid Aur Dieting ka topic Discus hua bbbuhat log Health Tv Live k shows s faida hasil kr rahe hain Health Tv pr Healthy Cooking show bhi buhat acha ha
a,a - Lahore on Zaiqa Tv Jul 23, 2014
Zaiqa Tv Live Is a good Channel Ramadan m Sehari Aur Iftari k lia Zaiqa Tv PR buhat aala cooking seekhai gai ab To Zaiqa Tv pr Eid Recipes daikhne ki jaldi ha Kfoods pr Cooking Channel ki recipes aasani s mil jati hain
AMINA - Lahore on Zaiqa Tv Jul 21, 2014
Zaiqa Tv Live k sb chef buhat achi recipes seekha rahe hain mujhe Zaiqa TV k chef aamir ki chicken Haleem ki recipes chahye ha kia Kfoods pr Haleem ki recipe upload ha Zaiqa tv K chef ki tmam recipes restaurant ki recipes jese bnti hain
mrs .aslam - Lahore on MasalaTV Jul 21, 2014
Masala Tv is a superb Channel Masala Channel pr behtreen Cooking Recipes seekhai jati hain I think House WIFES yeh Recipes bna kr ghar beth kr pehtreen Busines kr skti hain Masala Channel Ki Recipes Kfoods pr bhi hasil ki jaskti hain
Tariq - Lahore on Health TV Jul 17, 2014
Health tips are shown at health tv channel or not and if they are then are those health related things displayed at website.
Sajid - Lahore on MasalaTV Jul 17, 2014
Now a days in Ramazan Mubarak what type of content is shown at masala tv channel in Sehri timings?
Shakir - Lahore on Zaiqa Tv Jul 17, 2014
Are Sehri and Aftari recipes taught at Zaiqa TV now a days in the month Ramazan Mubarak in 2014 on Zaiqa TV channel and if so then are they at website
A.Basit - Lahore on Zaiqa Tv Jul 14, 2014
I Think Ramadan ma Zaiqa Tv Live pr buhat ache programme chal rahe ho gain Hmari Cable Pr Zaiqa Tv nahi chal raha Me Ramadan ma Zaiqa Tv Live nahi daikh skrahi Kfoods ki site pr After Ramadan tmam recipes search krun gi Sehar or Iftart ki recipes aaj kl miss ho gai
sania - Lahore on Health TV Jul 14, 2014
Khabi khabi Health Tv Live Daikhne Ka itfaq hota ha Health Tv pr Health ki information k saath Funny programme aur sb s ziada mujhE Live Streaming buhat pasamnd ha Ab to Net pr kfoods ki site pr Health Tv Live kahi bhi daikha ja skta ha
aminal - Lahore on MasalaTV Jul 14, 2014
Absolutely Masala Channel Livepr behtreen Cooking Show Chal; rahe hain Ramadan ma busy hone ki wajah s Masala Channel ki kuch recipes miss ho jati hain jo me Kfoods ki site pr hasil kr loon gi
Ali - Lahore on Health TV Jul 12, 2014
I think that many time has passed and I have not seen health TV channel properly for long time and have seen here at but I am asking here that now a days in Ramazan Mubarak what type of recipes, tipes etc. are taught at this channel?.
Tariq - Lahore on Zaiqa Tv Jul 12, 2014
Here at this website Zaiqa TV live streaming is shown and I amasking that do Chef Amir teach recipes at Zaiqa TV and in live or recorded show and what is the recipe show name by him if so?
Nasir - Lahore on MasalaTV Jul 12, 2014
Any information about Masala TV channel recipes in Ramazan Mubarak? What type of recipes at masala tv channel are taught now a days? What is the chef, recipe etc. schedule?
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