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img Lively Weekends cooking show is a very eminent show that presents food preparation from its kitchen studio. Usually This Type of show's host, often a celebrity chef for preparing one or more dishes over the course of an episode, takes the viewing of the audience through the food's inspiration, preparation, and stages of cooking. Masala TV Cooking like "Lively Weekends Recipes" is also a very much famous cooking Show. The chef teach that how you can make your foods more delicious so let’s try Lively Weekends Recipes now at your home by KF easy and quick recipes.

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Fish Biryani
Yasmeen - Rawalpindi Apr 27, 2016
I have heard very much about salmon fish and to cook it but I cannot understand where do we get exactly salmon fish. I have found ordinary fish at fish shops and they tell the type of fishes in Urdu whereas salmon is English word. I don't know how to get it and where?? I live in Pindi.
Fish Biryani - مچھلی بریانی
Abiha - KHI Apr 26, 2016
aala recipe hai . biryani mujhe waiese hi boht pasand hai or machli ke saath to khas tor par. boht umda taste hota hai I like the recipe. I will follow the instructions.
Fish Biryani
Kiran - Multan Apr 25, 2016
it is very nice. seafood is awesome and i love eating fish or prawn biryani whatever is available. fish biryani has a very good taste and i wish to eat it again and again. and same about prawns. both are very tasty to eat.

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