img Handi cooking show is a very eminent show that presents food preparation from its kitchen studio. Usually This Type of show's host, often a celebrity chef for preparing one or more dishes over the course of an episode, takes the viewing of the audience through the food's inspiration, preparation, and stages of cooking. Masala TV Cooking like "Handi Recipes" is also a very much famous cooking Show. The chef teach that how you can make your foods more delicious so let’s try Handi Recipes now at your home by KF easy and quick recipes.

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Murgh Cholay
Murgh Cholay by Faryal Shaik
Beef Karhai
Beef Karhai by maida jameel
Aloo Ka Raita
Aloo Ka Raita by Dua Baloch
Walnut Halwa
Walnut Halwa by Laiba Shahid
Mince Qabooli
Mince Qabooli by Fuzia Ashraf
Makai Ki Roti
Makai Ki Roti by aiman jawed
Sarson Ka Saag
Sarson Ka Saag by Warisha Ahemad
Fish Koftay
Fish Koftay by Daniya Sheik
Mumbai Biryani
Mumbai Biryani by sumbul hayat
Aatay Kay Ladoo
Aatay Kay Ladoo by Areeba Arif
Prawns Omelet
Prawns Omelet by Javeriya Ahemad
Achaar Gosht
Achaar Gosht by Fuzia Ashraf
Kabab Pulao
Kabab Pulao by Qirat Fatima
Daal Arhar
Daal Arhar by Lubna Arif
Lemon Ka Sharbat
Lemon Ka Sharbat by Warisha Ahemad
Badami Dahi Baray
Badami Dahi Baray by Laiba Shahid
Shah Jehani Koftay
Shah Jehani Koftay by mahnoor baloch
Shahi Dum Aalo
Shahi Dum Aalo by Dainiya Sheik
Chicken Hotpot
Chicken Hotpot by fuzia ashraf
Fruit Salad
Fruit Salad by Haniya Tauseef
Hyderabadi Korma
Hyderabadi Korma by Hani Muzaffer
Egg Fried Rice
Egg Fried Rice by Natasha saleem
Gajar Ka Achar
Gajar Ka Achar by Binish Shazaib
Fruit Trifle
Fruit Trifle by sanobar hayat
Lab-e-Shireen by Haniya Tauseef
Russian Salad
Russian Salad by fuzia ashraf
Zarda زردہ by huma tariq

Reviews & Discussions

Special Delhi Rice Pudding - اسپیشل دہلی کی کھیر
abeera - sheikhupura Oct 13, 2015
chawalon ki kheer ho ya pudding, biryani ho ya pulao , mujhe chawal se bane khane sub se ziada tasty lagte hain . ghar me chawal boht si dafa specially mere liye ate hain kiyun ke mai hafte me 4 din to chawal wali chezen khati hon . lekin is ki waja se mai thori moti bhi ho rahi hon. but kiya karon mai to adat se majbor hon mujhe or kuch pasand hi nahi ata.
Special Delhi Rice Pudding - اسپیشل دہلی کی کھیر
alia - karachi Oct 12, 2015
chawal 6 khane ke chamach boht thore nahi hain? or zaffran to boht mehenga milta hai agar na use karen to ... recipe pe farq to nahi pare ga. kheer mujhe already banani ati hai lekin ye mujhe thori different recipe lagi thi is liye is me interested hoon.
Special Delhi Rice Pudding - اسپیشل دہلی کی کھیر
Kashifa Syed - London Oct 09, 2015
I love eating puddings especially desi from Pakistani cuisines. I sometime visit Pak and happen to enjoy foods here and there. I receive many parties from my relatives so whenever I go to my country I eat everything I like. Since this recipe is given in Urdu, I want you to post it in English so I can understand it and enjoy it while sitting in UK. Here no one else is to give me a treat :). I have to make myself.