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Health and Fitness - Now a day’s fitness is one of the common issues where many people want to lose their weight or need some diet plan because according to the research we know that extra body fat and unusual eating habit is the major cause of disease. Here we are offering the best health and fitness researched base authentic info that will really help you for getting a happy healthy life.

Amazing Corn Benefits for Health

Corn is a lovable food, really. There are many benefits of corn with amazing effects to our health.

Corn is available in many forms. You would see on the streets corn sellers roasting cornflowers, roasting corns in the salt or find canned sweet corn in the stores. Yet there are many other forms. It contains carbohydrates which protects from cholesterols, IBS and colon cancer risks. Fiber in the corn also helps stabilize sugar in the blood.

Read more wondrous benefits of corn as presented by KFoods in this post. Read and plan adding it in your everyday diet.

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Saib Sy Cholestrol Kam Karen

Saib sy Cholestrol Kam Karen | Apples are the perfect addition to your weight-loss plan. Apples are low in calories, high in fiber, and packed with vitamins. Apples are a low-sodium food that can be a good addition to a healthy diet. Keeping your sodium low will help prevent excess water weight, or retention. And, the vitamins benefit you by increasing health and vitality. Let’s here find out how apple work for reducing cholesterol.

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Mooli Ka Tabi Fawaid

Radishes are very good for the liver and stomach, and it acts as a powerful detoxifier too. That means it also helpful to purify the blood. It is extremely useful in treating jaundice because it removes bilirubin and also keeps its production at a stable level. It also reduces the destruction of red blood cells that happens to people suffering from jaundice by increasing the supply of fresh oxygen to the blood. Let’s here find out more detail about radish healthy benefits and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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Begain Khana He Zarori - Magar Kiyun ?

There are many health benefits in Brinjal. It is high in water content and potassium and also helpful to control cholesterol. It is a very good source of Dietary Fiber; Dietary Fiber also helps in the areas of weight loss, diabetes management and heart health. Speaking of heart health, eggplant is also naturally low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. So let’s here find out more health benefits of eggplant in urdu and give your views.

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Sehatmand Tarz-e-Zindagi Apnai Magar Kaisy

Sehatmand Tarz-e-Zindagi Apnai Magar Kaisy | It's important to live a healthy lifestyle which includes physical activities and healthy foods so just makes some changes in your daily routine and enjoy a healthy life style. Here are some tips for your daily life that will help to make your each healthy and active so let’s try these tips and give your views.

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5 Benefits of Orange Juice for Your Health

Orange juice is full of benefits for the body. It produces new blood, activates mind, maintains blood pressure, reduces cholesterols and what not. It is one of the major sources of vitamin C. One glass of oranges juice provides the whole-day vitamin C requirement. It is cholesterol-free and low in fats. It is rich of certain essential minerals for the body. It has many rich benefits for the skin as well. Drinking fresh juice of oranges is recommended for many kinds of problems. In the season, not only you must eat oranges but also drink its juice.

Following are the top 5 benefits of orange juice you must know about.

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5 Best Vegetables to Eat This Winter

Do you know what are the best winter vegetables to eat? Read on and you will know. here comes up with a list of top 5 cold weather vegetables to eat this winter. These vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients that become essential to keep us fit in winters. These vegetables would also enhance list of your vegetable recipes.

Winter comes with an entirely new everything. Snow or chilling winds outdoors and blankets and heaters indoors. Eating oranges and munching peanuts are also attractive colors of winter. However, not to forget that it also puts an impact on human body and skin. People fall ill due to adverse effects of winter.

Let's explore the 5 best vegetables described here and plan what to eat this winter.

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5 Ways to Treat Cold Feet in Winter

Cold feet is a common problem in winter season.

Do you know What makes your feet cold?

It is less oxygen and improper blood circulation. You can treat cold feet by improving blood supply.

But how? That's the agenda of today's article.

In winters, it is usual to get cold hands or feet as due to the climate change, some of our body parts could not get proper blood as well as oxygen. Sometimes, this problem is caused by other factors like smoking or nutritional deficiencies as well.

We will discuss here 5 ways to cure cold feet in winter.

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6 Powerful Winter Allergy Tips in Urdu

Other than flu, cough and runny nose, allergies are also very common in the winter seasons. Find here 6 amazing winter allergy tips which will keep you safe and sound from allergy symptoms in the winter season.

Whether it is summer or winter, autumn or spring, allergy can affect you in any season. Allergy is not merely a name of itching but a disease, a very common diseases which affects the whole body gradually. There is though, no any particular season of allergy however in winters, it is more likely to come.

Here are the 6 powerful allergy tips in Urdu.

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Top 5 High Vitamin C Foods

Explore the top 5 vegetables and fruits with highest vitamin C content presented by If you are looking for foods that are rich of vitamin C, you must know about the foods described here:

  • Cauliflower
  • Pineapple
  • Papaya
  • Strawberry
  • Oranges

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a very important vitamin for growth, development and to maintain human's health. It is an antioxidant as well. It helps boost body immune system and aids repair of body tissues and cells.

Read about major natural sources of C vitamin and start eating them regularly as part of your diet.

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