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Kitchen Safety & Cleaning Tips

Kitchen safety and hygiene is as necessary as eating food. is telling 8 very important tips to keep your kitchen clean and safe. If you ignore kitchen cleaning, you are inviting diseases to your family. Remember that kitchen is the place where you prepare food for your kids, seniors and your husband. If kitchen remains unhygienic, it is going to hurt all your family members.

Now the question arises that how to keep my kitchen clean? The answer are the following 8 advices presented here in Urdu. These advices would guide you to ensure cleanliness for dish cloths, food packaging, leftover foods, toaster, refrigerator, microwave oven, frozen food and sink in the kitchen.

Understand all these tips, ensure them in your kitchen and maintain health and food safety in your home.

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Banana Diet Plan for Weight Loss in Urdu

If you are looking for diet for weight loss, consider this banana diet plan presented by in Urdu. Along its many benefits, banana can also help you reduce body fats and therefore leading your way to slim and smart physique. People mostly, consider that bananas increase weight but they don't know the proper way of it's diet. If eaten properly and timely, as told in this article, you can help yourself in achieving your desired weight.

The plan given below contains complete details including morning banana diet, lunch and dinner guide. It will not only help you in reducing weight but also benefit your body with its other nutrition.

Here is the daily diet plan with bananas.

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5 Delicious Soup Recipes Not to Miss

Soups are wonderful. Since the first soup was introduced till this day, hundreds of recipes of soups have been derived. Soups are found in every cuisine of the world. Chinese, Thai, Pakistani, Indian, Italian and American, all offers delicious varieties of soups. If we talk about Pakistan, here we see mainly chicken soup, egg soup, chicken corn and.. And? That's over. We guys have tasted very few flavors of soups, so we decided to introduce some flavors of soups that your taste sense might be unaware of. In this article, will tell you about some superb recipes of soups and how to prepare them at home.

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How to Make Masala Dal Fry Recipe

Masala Dal Fry Recipe - Having enjoyed masala dal is a true Pakistani passion and so is offering here complete recipe for preparing a delectable fried dal. Learn how to make masala dal fry with step by step recipe with visual instructions in Urdu and English.

Following this recipe will lead you to a delicious food to enjoy. Better eat it with tandoori roti to ensure dal fry dhaba style. Wherever you go in Pakistan, you would find this delish at dhaba hotels. Guys at inter-cities drives love eating chana daal fry at dhaba restaurants than eating BBQ or meat dish.

There are different variations of fried chana dal. Including Pakistani, Indian, Bombay and Punjabi dal fry, there are lots of types of fried daal. Each of the type differs slightly in spices and ingredients. However, the common spices used are butter, Bengal split gram, turmeric, ginger, cumin, white cumin, salt, tomato, brown onions and red chilies.

Let's begin the recipe of masala dal recipe and enjoy dhaba taste at home.

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14 Authentic Lose Weight Tips

There are many tips for losing weight. Some says this and some says that and we get puzzled what to do and what to not. One must be worry about his excess weight as this is the root-cause to many severe diseases. If it is not controlled timely, it can lead to extreme health issues.

Every third or fourth of us is affected with obesity, increased fats and high cholesterol leve. This leads to lots of health problems. People caught with diabetes, heart attacks, high blood pressure and excessive weight are mostly affected with obesity and high cholesterol problems.

And it's not that easy to get rid of your increased weight!

So what to do?

From hundreds of the advices and suggestions for reducing increased, is telling 14 selected tips that are authentic and reliable. Read these exclusive tips for losing your weight and being adopting them in your everyday life.

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5 Beauty Benefits of Eating Eggplant

Eggplant is a lot more than just being a vegetable. We will put light on the top 5 benefits of this tasteful vegetable called 'Eggplant' or Brinjal in some areas. In Urdu, eggplant is known as 'Baingan'. Eggplant is widely used in Pakistani and Indian cooking. Some of its famous recipes are Baingan Ka Bharta, Aloo Baingan and Baingan Ka Raita. Other than Pakistan, it is also eaten in different forms.

Eggplant vegetable is good for humans in many ways. Phytonutrients in brinjals improve the functioning of brain, it's vitamin C content provide antibacterial support to the body and fiber and low soluble carbohydrates are very helpful to maintain the diabetes level under control.

Eggplant has also superb benefits for skin and beauty. Here are the top 5 benefits of brinjals that make your beauty awesome and matchless.

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How to Make Dhaka Chicken Karahi Recipe

Although, there are many famous things from Dhaka but today we are going to figure out the famous Dhaka karahi recipe. Dhaka chicken is cooked in many ways: fried, roasted and in karahi (which is the topic of our today's step by step recipe). It is made in a very special way with additional spices that you would have never thought of.

Recipes of this Dhaka chicken karahi has been told by Chef zakir and Chef gulzar in their television programs but that must be unapproachable for you at this time. So comes here with a complete and thorough guide on how to make this special karahi recipe in Urdu with pictures and step by step instructions.

About its taste, I can tell you that you had never eaten this much tasty karahi before (for sure).

Eating is Believing!

Try this and share how was it!

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Yogurt: Miraculous Food for Flat Belly

Yogurt is a miraculous food for achieving a flat belly. A recent study in a medical research reveals that eating yogurt on daily basis can significantly control fats in the body. research further discloses that eating yogurt continuously is very helpful to control obesity and fats. Earlier researches on the same topic had also stated that yogurt can help lose weight.

When tummy starts growing, it goes very fast and we are unable to think what to do? How to flatten stomach back? and in the meanwhile, it grows more and more. While we do not know about the foods that may help to make stomach flat back. Knowing all these things are quite important to control the belly otherwise it will be too fatty and out of control.

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Natural Ways to Look Younger Than Your Age

Wanna look younger than your age?

Alright! is going to disclose natural ways for women to look like a missy. These tips will be very effective for all those who want to prevent aging signs as well as to look not very aged.

It's not difficult for women.

If I am not wrong, all ladies know cooking. If they know additionally, what to eat and how to cook, they would look younger than their age. And not only this but also they could live a healthier life.

If you want to get a beautiful face with glowing skin, glittering eyes, activeness and energy, you need to add natural foods in your diet.

Read more beauty tips for women in Urdu here and know what exactly you need to do for getting a younger look.

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Drinking Water After Spicy Food - Right or Wrong?

Do you drink water after spicy food?

Possibly, you do as everyone thinks this is the right way to reduce the heat and intensity of spices.

But it is not!

You would have observed yourself, when you feel uncontrollable spices on the tongue, you would run after a glass of water. You drink it but it doesn't work. Even you drink more than a glass but spices keep reverberating still. There is a reason for that. According to food experts, an element 'capsaicin' exists in red pepper which when eaten, it makes taste buds realize heat on the tongue. And those taste buds then warn the brain to cool it down, that is why we rush for the water.

Drinking water after eating spice is not workable. Experts have told a solution for that which is discussed in this article in Urdu. Read and adopt it as your habit in future.

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