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7 Stylish Ways to Wear a Scarf brings 7 simple yet beautiful ways for wearing a scarf for Muslim women and girls. All these styles offer a perfect way to do hijab besides maintaing a graceful look. Taught with step by step tutorials, you can adopt any style you like very easily.

Wearing scarves is though a dressing habit of Muslim girls but these days, it is getting popular as a part of fashion as well. Muslim girls across the world like to wear hijab in a trendy style that not only fulfils the rituals of Islamic dressing but also reflects a graceful and impressive look of the personality. From Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, KSA, Turkey and Kuwait, doing hijab is an established practice and therefore we are presenting 7 different styles of scarves.

Here are the 7 trendy ways of wearing a hijab.

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Different Types of Ladies Handbags with Names & Uses

Handbags are more than just a life necessity. Different types of handbags represent different fashion styles and personalities. From buying grocery to maintain your grace, handbags do play an important part in our lives.

Men are though less worried for this accessory. They can even manage with a wallet or with a single pant pocket. Men need to keep money, NIC, documents, ATM cards etc. but women have many things to store. They need different kinds of bags for different occasions. For shopping, for party, for going outing etc. is presenting a detailed guide to different styles of purses, bags, handbags and their names. Improve your information. This guide will also help you make a better choice while buying a bag ahead.

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Top 5 Halwa Puri Places in Karachi

Want to enjoy Sunday breakfast? There is nothing better than Halwa Poori on SUNDAYS. If you live in Karachi, and looking for best halwa puri, we are telling you about the top 5 places to start your Sunday, I mean to enjoy a halwa poori breakfast. We have picked the 5 breakfast places of Karachi with best tastes.

So start your Sunday with a Halwah Poori and enjoy it the utmost!

Here are the top 5 Halwa Puri Place in Karachi.

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How Long You Should Use Your Makeup Products?

Women are fond of using products. It is not possible that there are new products launched in market and women do not know about it. They like to buy every new product and therefore there is a big number of cosmetic products stacked on their dressing table.

Now you have to take 10 minutes on weekend or holiday.

Just 10 minutes!

Go to your dressing table, make a list of all makeup products, and check their expiry dates. They are no more valid if expiry date have passed.

Usually cosmetic products have a 2 to 2.5 years of life. When they are likely to expire, their healthy ingredients start becoming ineffective and there is no any benefit of their continued use.

Here is the detailed information about life of cosmetic products and how long they are effective for use.

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How to Make Turai Bhaji Recipe

Turai Ki Bhaji is a scrumptious and tasteful dish made with green torai (ridged gourd) sabzi. Though, you can make many kinds of dishes with this veggie but this one is great and favourite of many. I am telling the complete process of prepare Torai ki bhujia with step by step pictorial guide.

This recipe in the end would give you a spicy and tasteful meal to eat. Have it with hot naan or chapati and also include some raita along. This bhujia is the best way to enjoy tauri sabzi.

Turai Bhaji is also known as Green Tori Masala. It's cooking time. Let's start!

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How to Stop Hiccups Immediately

Everyone of us must have experienced hiccups some time. We will not go into the detail what causes hiccups but rather tell you 6 ways to stop hiccups immediately. These tips would give you instant relief with hiccup problem.

Although, hiccups are stopped automatically, however sometimes they are prolonged too much. In that scenario, we must stop them in order to get quick relief. has brought 6 simple and easy tips that are very effective and helpful. See and remember them as you can need these tips any time.

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7 Uses of Banana Peel You Never Knew

Banana is a very healthy and sweet fruit. Yes. But today, we wouldn't discuss about it health benefits but about it's peel. I am telling you about 7 wondrous benefits and uses of banana peel that would assist you in your everyday home tasks. Banana is naturally enriched with many vitamins and potassium. These nutrients also exist in it's peel. As we can't eat the peel, we can use it for many different things.

I have explained where and how to use banana skin for your skin beauty, bruises, teeth shining, shoe polishing, mosquito bite relief and for diminishing wrinkles.

So one thing is sure here.

You wouldn't throw banana's peel after knowing all these tricks.

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Beauty Tips with Carrots

Carrot is a wonderful thing to improve your beauty. Would you like to know some useful tips for beauty with carrots? Exactly, here we are going to disclose some really useful tips that most of us are yet unaware of.

Carrot is available easily everywhere. Nature has provided us with loads of benefits through this vegetable but as we do not know them fully, we do not benefit with them. Even some people do not like eating carrot dishes.

Carrots are useful to improve skin complexion. It helps cleansing the blood and to make our face fresher and more beautiful. Read more and know more about the reasons you should eat carrots or drink its juice more.

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Chicken Chargha Recipe

Here comes the recipe of chicken chargha. Yes, you can make it yourself too. You would have enjoyed this superb dish of chicken, may be at Burns Road or Hassan Square Karachi or at Food Street of Lahore. Wherever you have, but now you can make it yourself and enjoy with your whole family.

Making a chicken charga at home not only costs lower but also ensures hygiene and neatness of cooking as compared to those cooked elsewhere.

This 7 step recipe would allow you to have a perfect meal. Enjoy it with spicy seasoning and condiments. It will be an unforgettable food experience.

Here is how to make chicken charga in Urdu (step by step recipe).

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Multani Mitti Benefits for Skin and Hair Beauty

Multani Mitti has lots of beauty benefits, for skin, hair, acne and pimples. Girls deem it like a blessing for their beauty. It keeps skin clean, helps remove acne, makes the face glowing and bright and also helps remove various kinds of spots and freckles on the skin.

Multani Matti is one of the most popular beauty products for skin. It is easily available in Pakistan. It can be used in custom ways as per your requirement. You can make it's face mask, wash your hair with it, for skin cleansing etc. You can use it with different items to obtain the desired results such as for making a face mask, you can add coconut or olive oil. For skin use, you can add lemon syrup. If you want to remove oiliness from hair, you can mix it with rose water.

I have described many more things you can do with this miraculous beauty product along the way it should be used. Go through this article and know exclusive benefits of Multani Mitti.

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