Shatar Murgh (Ostrich) Meat Benefits

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How to Make Lab e Shireen Recipe

Lab e Shireen is a delicious sweet dessert, whose recipe was introduced lately in South Asia (Pakistan and India). Before the time of Labe Shireen, we only knew kheer, halwa or sheer khurma as after-meal desserts in Pakistan. However, this juicy dessert has massively replaced the ways sweets were served and enjoyed. Labe Shireen is made with milk, corn flour, fruit cocktail, colorful noodles and jellies. Other ...

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Vegetable Cutlets Recipe

Enjoy the recipe of veg cutlet! Yes, today I am offering an easy recipe for making delicious vegetable cutlets with all pictures, I took during preparing it. You and your family would love eating different vegetables this way. Making a veggie cutlet is very easy. Main ingredients used in vegetable cutlet recipe are as follows: Potatoes Onions Tomatoes Carrots ...

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Badhazmi Se Bachne Kay Chand Asan Hal

Bad-hazmi (Indigestion) is a major problem of every 6 out of 10 persons, this issue is basically due to eating too much, eating too fast, eating high-fat foods. There are too many solutions are available, here at KFoods sharing an easy home remedies & different solutions for Bad Hazmi. Check out more tips & totkas from many of the top listed health & beauty experts at KFoods

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Weight Losing Tips for New Brides

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How to Make Doodh Dulari Recipe in Urdu

Doodh Dulari is a very popular sweet dish of Pakistan. It's recipe includes milk, colored noodles, corn flour, condensed milk, fruit cocktail, strawberry jelly, khoya, cham cham & gulab jamun sweet and fresh cream, doodh dulari which finally gives a very splendid taste. It is very similar to another Pakistani dessert Lab e Shireen...

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Kino Ke Chilke Ke 9 Istamalat

Yet you have been disposing orange peels. But after reading this article you would repent why didn't you know this before. Today, we are going to tell you some exclusive orange peel benefits for skin, hair, teeth and anti aging. KFoods will guide you how to make orange peel powder and its further uses for beauty and skin care. Orange peels can be used in many different ways. You can make its powder, its tea ...

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Chicken Rice Kabab Recipe

Today's recipe is rice and chicken kabab. You have already tasted dozens of types of kababs but I can bet you have never happened to eat this one. The main ingredients of this kabab are chicken, rice and eggs with inclusion of some other spices. I have made it and now presenting for you with step by step pictures for your ease. Find the recipe and learn how to make chicken rice kebabs and enjoy either with your meal or as an evening snack.

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How to Make Prawn Malai Recipe

Today we will learn how to make prawn malai recipe - a delicious curry made with prawns and cream. Usually, prawns are available fried and salted but this recipe would allow you to enjoy prawn in spicy curry form. It is basically a Bengali dish, eaten widely in Bangladesh and Bengal and also in Pakistan and India. Have it with a hot naan chapati or boiled rice; either way it delivers a wonderful taste. Recipe us...

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How to Get Rid of Upper Lip Hair Naturally at Home (5 Tips)

Having hairs over the lips is natural for men but for women it is like a nightmare. Upper lip hair or female moustache grows due to change in hormones; women use laser treatment, bleach, wax, creams or epilator to get rid of this issue. These treatments are very costly and in fact provide the temporary solution. Female moustaches would entirely collapse the grace of their personality and that ...

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