Achar Gosht Recipe

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This achar gosht recipe will guide you how to make achar gosht at home. Achaar gosht(pickle meat) is a very spicy meat dish from Pakistan. In this recipe, different spices and pickle are added with meat and after cooking we get a very tasty dish. Let's learn KFoods achaar gosht recipe below and try it and home. Also tell us how was it!

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Achar Gosht
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Mutton(small pieces): 1 kg
Yogurt: 1/2 kg
Tomato Paste: 1 cup
Garlic Ginger Paste: 1 tablespoon
Red Chili Powder: As required
Salt: As per your taste
Green Chili: 50 grams
Cooking Oil: 3/4 cup
Achar Masala/SpIce: As required
Kalunji: As required
Saunf: As required
Zeera(Cumin): 1 Teaspoon
Fenugreek Seeds (Methi ke beej): As required


Achar Gosht Method / Tarika:

1. First make the mixture of ginger, chili powder, salt, garlic and yogurt.

2. Now soak the meat in the mixture for 2 hours.

3. Heat the oil, put the spiced meat and fry until spices are separated.

4. Add water and cook on low flame until the meat is tender.

5. Grind the achaar spice and add 1 teaspoon salt to it.

6. Slit green chilies vertically from one side and take its seeds out.

7. Now fill green chilies with ground achaar spice.

8. When the water dries out from meat, pour tomato paste, garnish cooked meat with stuffed chilies and put the remaining achaar spice.

9. Now lower the heat and leave it for dam until chilies are tender.

10. Achar Gosht is ready to eat!

Have it with hot naans, raita and salads.
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Achar Gosht is another scrumptious meat dish made with mutton and pickle spices (achaar masala). This is a traditional dish from the east, not just popular but very popular in Pakistan and India. The dish is usually cooked with the mutton meat; the meat is kept soaked for a couple of hours in spices and so it becomes tender and very soft for cooking.

Since it is soaked in the spice mixture for hours, it absorbs the flavors of spices, getting ready to please your tongue with the unique tastes of meat with pickle masala.

Cooking this recipe is a bit different with other recipes. First all spices are gathered and mixed and then meat is placed inside the mixture so the masala sticks all around the meat. Then spiced meat is cooked at low flame until it is soft. Achar spice is then ground and filled inside green chilies and these stuffed chilies are added to the meat and further cooked. This way you get a spicy and sour meaty dish to eat called "Achar Gosht (Pickle Meat Curry)".

Even if you live in in western countries like UK or USA, and if a desi family lives in your neighbour, for sure, you would have smelled a pleasant cooking aroma coming from the pan of achar gosht. is home of all types of recipes including desi salan, gosht and rice dishes. Here has provided a well-presented recipe for you to learn how to make achar gosht at home.

This recipe is very simple that a new-to-cooking person can also make it easily. Boys who are generally not used-to with cooking now don't need to request mom and sisters; bring the accessories and ingredients required and spend a day in kitchen and come out with a sizzling achar gosht pan in your hands.

Now there should be nothing which can stop you from enjoying the tastes of this delicious meat curry. Go ahead and be the cook of your favorite gosht dish!

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somia - johar abad Oct 22, 2015
its so hot and spicy dish.first time I tried with biryani and every one admired me
Abeera Khan - Lahore Sep 30, 2015
achar to kis ko nahe passand, mujhe bohat acha lagta hai par ab gosht k sath banaogi to pata chalay ga k kitna acha banta hai or kaise lage ga ghar walo ko nya taste
Alizah Naveed - Karachi Sep 19, 2015
Very innovative piece of working here your expert team, share a well cooked method of my favorite aloo gosht recipe including tips, thanks KFoods for the best and easy method of dishes...
Horiya Najmi - Islamabad Sep 11, 2015
What a tasteful this desi look achar gosht recipe is. I love to eat desi dishes eater I seek each and every recipe that can be made using desi ghee or other desi ingredients. Thanks KFoods for the best recipes with tips
Mariyum Mughal - Karachi Sep 07, 2015
Wow ! recently i search for the quick method of achari gosht or achari bhindi and finally got it both recipes form here at KFoods, good work behind the scene... I like your content and tips specially that you providing


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